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They announce the return of the storms during the next few hours

The Meteorology Directorate warned of the imminent return of rainfall and electrical storms for the next few hours. In the area of ​​Asunción and Central, the climatic situation would change from tomorrow afternoon.

Through its most recent special bulletin, the Directorate of Meteorology and Hydrology announces a new storm system that would be beginning to affect different regions of the country.

The first to be affected by these adverse weather conditions are the departments of Ñeembucú, Misiones, Itapúa, Caazapá and Paraguarí, where the rains would be recorded between dawn and Monday morning.

Next, Guairá, Caaguazú, Alto Paraná and Canindeyú are also included, where the precipitations would be appearing only in the afternoon and until the first hours of the night, according to the forecast.

Accumulated rainfall of between 80 and 120 millimeters is expected in all the aforementioned departments, as well as gusts of wind that could be around 100 km/h and high-frequency electrical storms.

For the regions of Asunción and Central, Cordillera, San Pedro and Presidente Hayes, Meteorology announces a change in weather conditions from Monday afternoon to Tuesday morning, also covering Concepción and Amambay.

The characteristics of the expected phenomena include rainfall accumulations of between 50 and 80 millimeters, wind gusts that could be close to 100 km/h and also a high frequency of electrical storms throughout the affected area.


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