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They affirm rains have not affected discharge in Duquesa

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They affirm rains have not affected discharge in Duquesa

The rainy registered in national territory for several days have not hindered the operations of dumping waste in the duchess landfillnot even Garbage collection in the National District and East Santo Domingo.

“(The discharge) has evolved normally, without plugs despite the inclement weather. rainy. One week it’s sunny, the other two it rains, but thank God we haven’t had any problems with the spill,” he said. Joseph Henry Venturacommissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Santo Domingo Norte regarding the operations of the dump.

Ventura clarified that when they register rainy very intense there is the possibility of “inconveniences of delay, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Regarding the reconstruction process of the main access roads to the dump, he indicated that the works have advanced in the southern zone, heading east. “They (the Ministry of Public Works) are going to start from Antonio Guzmán Avenue towards here as the first section,” he said.

Truck entrance to the dump. (DANIA ACEVEDO/FREE DIARY)

He added that, later, “the Jacobo Majluta will intervene towards here and will enter through Antonio Guzmán Avenue to the different shots (dumping spaces) so that they do not hinder day-to-day operations.”

Collection in SDE and the DN continues normal

The Mayors East Santo Domingo and the National District reported that the Garbage collection is performed routinely despite the rainy registered.

elizabeth matthewin charge of Communications of the Mayor’s Office of the National District, stated: “We collect two and three times, depending on the route, it is collected up to three times in areas of high commercial flow, as is the case of Duarte.”

He added that the days of rainy “We ask people not to take the garbage bags out to the sidewalks, but to put them in the container tanks, because when there is rain, it drags the bags and the scuppers are covered.”

The National Meteorological Office (Onamet) reported this Monday that the humidity indirectly contributed by the potential tropical cyclone 15 located in the southwest of the island, as well as a trough, maintain favorable conditions in different locations in the country so that they continue to originate rainy moderate being strong occasionally.

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