They accused the suspect of having shot and wounded a 9-year-old girl in Neptunia

The court charged a 30-year-old man for attempted murderafter having shot a 9-year-old girl and a 32-year-old man, last October 13 in Neptunia (Canelones).

The suspect has four criminal records for robbery, possession of an illegal firearm, theft and reception. He was arrested after a trespassing in a house in Pinamar Norte where the police seized three cell phones and three drug packages.

Justice charged him with especially aggravated attempted murder. will go to pre-trial detention for 180 days. Meanwhile, the police seek to arrest another man, who according to investigators, also participated in the event.

10 days after the fact, the girl is hospitalized in intermediate care at Pereira Rosell Hospitalwhile the man is stable, admitted to the Hospital de Clínicas, waiting to be operated on a leg due to a fracture.

The fact

The police arrived at a house on 56th Street in Neptunia on October 13 where two people were shot. A 49-year-old woman said that to housing two armed people entered with their faces covered. According to his story, they shot several times and injured the two people.

The adult has a criminal record for robbery. According to the departmental headquarters, there had already been other inquiries in that house: one of them by the Homicide Department, which carried out a search and seized 3,000 doses of base paste and a firearm. Then, after another raid, 500 more doses of drugs were seized.

On October 13, the chief’s spokesman, Alejandro Ferreira, told The Observer that the case is investigated as a settling accounts between drug traffickers and noted that “It is the third or fourth time that they attack” that house.

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