Acusan presidente del PHD de persecución política contra compañeros de partido

They accuse the president of the PHD of political persecution against party colleagues

leaders of the Dominican Humanist Party (PHD)that endorse an eventual Presidential re-appointment of Luis Abinader, denounced What are they victims of one persecution by the new president of that political organizationRamon Emilio Goris Taveras.

Diostene Peguero and Cristián Carrasco, members of the Political Committee of the PHD; and the members of the National Executive Committee, José Rafael Martínez, Mario Daniel López, Marcelino Aquino, Kharil Frías and Martín Araujo, accused Goris Taveras of harassing humanist leaders and militants who at the national level promote presidential re-election with threats of suspension.

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“Sr. Ramón Emilio Goris threatens these and other leaders of the PHD that they will be expelled from the party for making pronouncements in favor of the re-election of President Luis Abinader,” says a press document released by the group.

They add that they do not agree with the dictatorial manner in which the Dominican Humanist Party is allegedly being managed, under the leadership of parliamentarian Ramón Emilio Goris.

They indicated that they are constantly harassed in the political meetings and meetings in which they participate so that they join the “undemocratic” decisions that the president of the PHD intends to impose by force, without taking into account the positions of other party leaders.

They stated that the new president of the Dominican Humanist Party is an impulsive person and little tolerant of the plans of the humanist leaders who do not agree with their opinions.

“Mr. Goris Taveras shows within the Dominican Humanist Party a very different personality from the one he sells in front of the media, where he assumes the position of a full-fledged democrat. However, it is quite the opposite, by establishing an imposing and authoritarian role from the presidency of the PHD, where until now, only his views have prospered, ”says the document.

“The threats have intensified because several leaders have stated that they favor the re-election of President Luis Rodolfo Abinader, a situation that bothers the president of the party,” they concluded.

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