Laudel Camacho Ricardo

They accuse him without evidence of sabotage: a former political prisoner persecuted by the regime speaks

MIAMI, United States. — Former political prisoner Laudel Camacho Ricardowho was arrested in Las Tunas on December 21, assured CubaNet that he is being accused of sabotage for a crime that he claims he did not commit.

The former member of the Movimiento Cristiano Liberación (MCL) was arrested on that occasion shortly after having offered his testimony to that newspaper. During an interrogation carried out by agents of the political police, they assured him that he was being accused of the crime of sabotage.

The authorities’ version maintains that Camacho Ricardo participated in an act of vandalism against a store in Freely Convertible Currency in the municipality of Manatí, where he resides.

“The entire town of Manatí knows that I have not thrown stones, that I did not commit that crime,” said the activist in relation to the charge against him.

This accusation was confirmed by the Manatí police chief himself to the activist’s wife, Odalis Campbell.

Speaking to CubaNetthe woman made it clear that her husband had nothing to do with it.

“Now it is not known what the communists can do to him. Those who threw that stone were two who were riding a bicycle. There are witnesses who saw them. My husband has nothing to do with that and now they want to put him in jail, sanction him,” Odalis lamented on that occasion.

After his last arrest, Camacho Ricardo spent six days under arrest.

“They mistreated me physically, psychologically, morally, spiritually. They were intense interrogations. They wanted me to plead guilty to that act of sabotage, but I never acknowledged or signed anything,” said the opponent, who made it clear that, despite the pressure, he will continue to carry out activism and work for the people most in need of your town.

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