They accuse Guaidó's ambassador in Panama of cheating with passports

They accuse Guaidó’s ambassador in Panama of cheating with passports

Patricia Marinella Zavarce Díaz, ambassador to Panama appointed by the self-styled interim president of the country, Juan Guaidó, does business with the alleged validation of passports in that country, deputy Julio Chávez denounced this Thursday.

He pointed out that the supposed diplomatic representative of Guaidó, whom the Panamanian government withdrew credentials in February of last year, it is dedicated to “validating” expired passports of nationals who are residing in Panama for payments in foreign currency.

To do this, he denounced, he has the help of the Panamanian government, which issues sealed documents to guarantee validation, but disrespecting the regulations of International Law.

Chávez, who is president of the Commission that investigates Crimes Against Migrants Abroad, pointed out that this irregularity was revealed when a Venezuelan citizen residing in Panama traveled to Caracas.

Upon arrival in Venezuela, the document was withheld because it had expired, said the deputy in an interview with The Iguana.

“If he is going to go to the United States, they will surely hold him and he will not be able to enter any country. Fortunately, he arrived in Venezuela, he was treated very well, all his rights were respected, this illegal paper was confiscated and that is why we are making the respective complaint », he indicated.

Chávez stressed that the citizen acknowledged having been scammed by the Government of Panama with Guaidó’s ambassador.

“How many like this man have these bandits, these international criminals, not cheated? But this happens in Panama, Colombia and other countries in the region », he denounced.

Zavarce presented his credentials on March 18, 2019, during the administration of the president, Juan Carlos Varela, and they were withdrawn in February of last year.

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