They abandon a child under 5 years of age in the Darien jungle, Panama keeps him under its protection

He was left behind! A child under the age of five was abandoned on the migratory journey through the Darien jungle, fortunately he was found by a family of migrants.

The National Migration Service (SNM) reported that the minor is under the protection and custody of the Panamanian authorities.

The director of the SNM, Samira Gozaine, said that the report stated that the minor was found by an Ecuadorian family, who helped him and brought him to the receiving community of Bajo Chiquito.

So far it has been possible to identify the mother of the minor, who has three more children and is pregnant

The case is being reported to the Public Ministry, which is following up to establish responsibilities, while the Ministry of Public Security, through the SNM and the National Border Service, thanks the Ecuadorian family that helped and led the minor who is in custody to a safe place. safe and sound.

Panama continues with humanitarian attention to the migrant population that is passing through its territory, but reiterates that Darién is a dangerous jungle.

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