These will be the changes to the working day from next year

These will be the changes to the working day from next year

In Colombia, the working day of 48 hours a week will change starting next year, after the previous Legislative approved a law for its gradual reduction.

(This is the company where you only work three days a week.)

From mid-2023, Colombians will work one hour less, which, in turn, “will not imply a reduction in salary remuneration or benefits, nor the value of the ordinary work hour, nor does it exonerate workers from obligations,” according to the regulations.

Y the working day is expected to reach 42 hours a week by 2026in accordance with Law 2101 of 2021, since the reduction would occur as follows: 47 hours in 2023, 46 in 2024, 44 in 2025 and 42 hours in 2026.

(These are the risks of the Colombian economy, according to Bank of America).

However, this measure has aroused opinions both for and against various sectors of the country. The National Association of Entrepreneurs (Andi) pointed out that reducing working hours does not imply that the time of production processes in a company is reduced, so more staff would have to be hired.

That extra cost is equivalent to almost $27 billion annually (if one takes into account that more than six million workers work more than 42 hours a week in Colombia). Andi also argued that informal work could increase.

(Portugal opens the door to a 4-day work week in the public sector).


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