Roberto Sánchez on denouncing treason against Castillo: "We are giving a supine show"

These are today’s short films Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Former Minister Roberto Sánchez

Scared back…

Today the Permanent Commission of Congress will debate and vote on a constitutional accusation against former Prime Minister Betssy Chávez for crimes of rebellion and conspiracy. That, as is known, makes the congresswoman also nervous, who juggles to try to make believe that she will not run away from her. But who is also just as nervous is his former cabinet colleague Roberto Sánchez, included in the same complaint for the coup d’état perpetrated by his former boss Pedro Castillo. He transcended that Sánchez has been consulting several lawyers to defend him in the session. And finally, that task fell to the constitutionalist Domingo García Belaunde.

(Photo: GEC archive)

Former members of the TC present

Moved in the Sunedu

In one of his first resolutions, the new head of the National Superintendence of Higher University Education (Sunedu), Manuel Castillo, appointed Carlos Mesía Ramírez as head of the Legal Advice Office of that entity, as of March 11. Mesía was a Fuerza Popular congressman and former magistrate of the Constitutional Court. The FP bench, as is known, was one of the promoters of the counter-reform, approving the law that once again gave room to the representatives of the universities in the Board of Directors, to which, by the way, has also recently been incorporated. ex-magistrate of the TC José Luis Sardón, representing the private universities.

Photo: El Comercio archive

Photo: El Comercio archive

Rosa Gutiérrez in the USA – I

travel minister

It was striking that in the midst of an emergency and with the large number of victims caused by the heavy rains in the country, the Minister of Health, Rosa Gutiérrez, preferred to go to the United States for three days to participate in a PAHO meeting on health emergencies. The Minsa pointed out yesterday that Gutiérrez was invited by the same organization that depends on the UN, but her invitation was not for her but for a representative of her portfolio. Was her presence necessary at an event that will only last a few hours?

Photo: Minsa

Photo: Minsa

Rosa Gutiérrez in the USA – II

removed seat

What has transpired is that this trip was reserved for César Munayco, director of the National Center for Disease Epidemiology, Prevention and Control, and that when he went to ask for permission to attend the appointment, Gutiérrez sent him away and told him that she would take that place. The Minsa indicated that the minister went to manage “financing and technical assistance for the prevention, preparation and response to future pandemics and disasters”; although on the PAHO agenda the topic to be dealt with is another. And Dina Boluarte let her minister go just like that at a critical moment?

These are today's short films Tuesday, March 14, 2023


Minister of Dina Boluarte fills MINEDU with people linked to César Acuña

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