These are today's short films Tuesday, December 27, 2022

These are today’s short films Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Montoya does not want elections

clinging to his seat

The Popular Renovation congressman, Jorge Montoya, expressed his disagreement with the advancement of general elections. He said that voting in favor of this reform, proposed by both the Executive and the Legislative, is “obeying the pressures” of the government and the request of the former President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo. “The political crisis is already on the way to a solution with the new president and the new cabinet,” he told the press yesterday. How comfortable will he be in his seat that he has not even realized that those positions were part of the crisis.

Photo: Congress of the Republic

Ramirez wants to be popular

The congressional school

While some do not want to leave, others deny their luck. Tania Ramírez (Popular Force) considered that the low popularity of Congress is due to the fact that the institution does not have a budget to “pay advisory services, opinion experts, consultancies and media training.” “Without resources, it is very difficult to be popular,” said the tiktoker. We understand her frustration, but Congress is going to work, not to distort reality and to learn. For the next one, that she and her colleagues prepare before applying.

These are today's short films Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Sigrid asks for constituent

It’s your turn to wait

A month after the end of the current legislature, Sigrid Bazán came up with the idea of ​​presenting a bill to call a referendum to consult whether or not a Constituent Assembly should be installed to draft a new Constitution. Her proposal must first go through the Constitution Commission, which would not be a problem if it were not for the fact that the group has 417 projects in line and the debate is in order of arrival. To wait sitting

Sigrid Bazán decided to vote in favor of Pedro Castillo's vacancy

(Photo: Congress)

Williams would take care of his office

Dina ready to travel

The one who did remember to do her homework was President Dina Boluarte, who presented a bill for the head of Congress to be in charge of the Presidential Office when the president leaves the national territory, in the event that the vice presidents are prevented and/or missing. In this way, she closes a small gap in article 115 of the Constitution, which does not contemplate this scenario for presidents without ‘vices’, as is the case.



Díaz could return to Congress

walking danger

The 120-day suspension imposed on Congressman Freddy Díaz, accused of raping a worker in his office, expires on January 7, so he would no longer have an impediment to return to Congress. Shortly he would return to collect his salary as if nothing had happened, while the constitutional complaint that could disqualify him from public service remains trapped in the Permanent Commission. For when the dismissal?

Freddy Díaz was suspended and has a constitutional complaint in process.  Photo: GEC archive

Photo: GEC archive


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