These are today's short films Monday, February 20, 2023

These are today’s short films Monday, February 20, 2023

Always otorongos – I

what a good letter

Otorongo doesn’t eat otorongo… but he eats well. It turns out that more than two months ago in the dining room of the Congress the à la carte dishes were replaced by the succulent buffet. An addendum to the contract with the concessionaire that provides the food now allows parliamentarians to afford these luxuries. The scandal is that a lunch no longer costs them – rather, it costs all Peruvians – 16 soles, but 80, five times more, according to a report by the Fourth Estate.

(Photos: Renzo Salazar)

Always otorongos – II

dinner too

It’s not just that. Breakfast has also become a buffet and costs 31 soles per legislator, almost 27 soles more than the price charged in December. And the dinner? It is also a buffet and costs the same as lunch: 80 soles. Doing numbers, if a congressman has breakfast, lunch and dinner in Parliament, it generates a cost of 191 soles in one day. Now it is understood why they do not want to advance the elections?

These are today's short films Monday, February 20, 2023

Always otorongos – III

they go on a trip

Not content with it, they kick for their days off. The congressmen turned a deaf ear to the requests that Representation Week be suspended to focus on the debate on the political reforms that are being carried out in the Constitution Commission, including the one that will once again address the advancement of elections. The week of little walk weighed more, sorry for congressional representation, for which they are paid the not inconsiderable sum of 2,800 soles.

(Photo: Jorge Cerdán | GEC)

(Photo: Jorge Cerdán | GEC)

RLA remembers castañeda

flattering mayor

During an activity in San Juan de Miraflores, the mayor of Lima, Rafael López Aliaga, remembered the late mayor of the capital Luis Castañeda Lossio and promised to donate a statue on an avenue in that district that will bear his name. The offer was preceded by words full of praise for the former leader of Solidaridad Nacional, considering him “the best mayor Lima ever had” (??) and even, as if he were a judge, denied that he had stolen or that he had been involved in acts of corruption. Esteee, what if he better dedicates himself to his business?

(Municipality of Lima)

(Municipality of Lima)

Questions to Romero

requested minister

Before the closing of the legislature, the Plenary of Congress gave an account of two motions for the agenda to question the Minister of the Interior, Vicente Romero Fernández. Both were promoted by the left blocks and have as a common denominator that they answer for the police intervention in the National University of San Marcos. Now then.



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