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These are the winners of the 2021 Soberano Awards so far

These are the winners of the 2021 Soberano Awards so far

The Soberano Awards revealed this Wednesday afternoon through their Instagram account the first 2021 winners of the long-awaited event, here is a palmares of the winners.

The winners are:

popular line

Category: Composer and / or author of lyrics
Winner: Covi Quintana (@coviquintana)

Category: Outstanding artist and/or group abroad
Winner: The Alpha (@elalfaeljefe)

Category: Orchestra and/or arranged
Winner: Janina Rosado (@janinarosado)

Category: Typical Set
Winner: Raquel Arias (@raquelariasrd)

Category: Orchestra of the year
Winner: Sergio Vargas (@sergiovargas3)

Category: Bachata of the year
Winner: Saco e’ sal, Elvis Martínez (@elvismartinezeljefe)

Category: Album of the Year
Winner: Any problem? Sergio Vargas (@sergiovargas3)

Category: street merenguero
Winner: Ala Jaza (@alajazaofficial)

Category: Bachatero of the year
Winner: Elvis Martinez (@elvismartinezeljefe)

Category: Salsa of the year
Winner: Chiquito Team Band (@chiquitoteambandrd)

Category: Merengue of the year
Winner: I’m complete (@mannycruz)

Category: Alternative Music
Winner: Xiomara Fortuna (@xiomara.fortunard)

Category: Collaboration of the Year
Winner: The Andalusian cat

Category: Show of the Year
Winner: Legacy of the Horse

Category: Concert of the year
Winner: Immortal Adventure

Category: Solo singer
Winner: Wason Brazoban (@wasonbrazoban)

Category: Artist and/or urban group
Winner: The Alpha (@elalfaeljefe)


Category: Digital Program
Winner: As Much (@altantotv)

Category: Themed Entertainment Program
Winner: Emphasis (@enfasisconivanruiz1rd)

Category: Video Clip Of The Year
Winner: We Have Nothing (@coviquintana)

Category: Announcer Of The Year
Winner: Federico Núñez Manón (@federiconunezmanan)

Category: Comedian Of The Year
Winner: Maria Tavarez (@mariatavarez22)

Category: Outstanding Communicator Abroad
Winner: Esperanza Ceballos (@esperceballos)

Category: Regional Entertainment Program
Winner: You and Us (@youandus29)

Category: YouTuber of the Year
Winner: Santiago Matias (@pr1ncematias)

Category: Tv Animator
Winner: Caroline Aquino (@Carolineaquino1)

Category: Comedy show
Winner: Raymond and Miguel (@miguelyraymond)

Category: Daily entertainment program
Winner: The Midday Show (@elshowdelmediodia)

Category: Weekly Variety Magazine
Winner: It’s still early (@estempranotodaviatv)

Category: TV Presenter
Winner: Pamela Sued (@Pamsued)

Line Cinema

Category: Best actress
Winner: Lumy Lizardo (@Lumylizardo)

Category: Best actor
Winner: Vicente Santos (@Vincentsant)

Category: Director
Winner: José María Cabral (@josemariacabral)

Category: Best Drama
Winner: Coppelia Hotel

Category: Best Comedy
Winner: The Lives of Kings

“Classic” line

Category: Featured Overseas Artist
Winner: Nathalie Peña Comas

Category: stage production
Winner: Carmen

Category: Play
Winner: Omar and the others

Category: Theater actress
Winner: Patricia Ascuaciati

Category: Theater actor
Winner: Orestes Amador

Category: Classical dancer
Winner: Maria Emilia Garcia

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