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These are the winners of the 2021 Soberano Awards so far

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These are the winners of the 2021 Soberano Awards so far

The Soberano Awards revealed this Wednesday afternoon through their Instagram account the first 2021 winners of the long-awaited event, here is a palmares of the winners.

The winners are:

popular line

Category: Composer and / or author of lyrics
Winner: Covi Quintana (@coviquintana)

Category: Outstanding artist and/or group abroad
Winner: The Alpha (@elalfaeljefe)

Category: Orchestra and/or arranged
Winner: Janina Rosado (@janinarosado)

Category: Typical Set
Winner: Raquel Arias (@raquelariasrd)

Category: Orchestra of the year
Winner: Sergio Vargas (@sergiovargas3)

Category: Bachata of the year
Winner: Saco e’ sal, Elvis Martínez (@elvismartinezeljefe)

Category: Album of the Year
Winner: Any problem? Sergio Vargas (@sergiovargas3)

Category: street merenguero
Winner: Ala Jaza (@alajazaofficial)

Category: Bachatero of the year
Winner: Elvis Martinez (@elvismartinezeljefe)

Category: Salsa of the year
Winner: Chiquito Team Band (@chiquitoteambandrd)

Category: Merengue of the year
Winner: I’m complete (@mannycruz)

Category: Alternative Music
Winner: Xiomara Fortuna (@xiomara.fortunard)

Category: Collaboration of the Year
Winner: The Andalusian cat

Category: Show of the Year
Winner: Legacy of the Horse

Category: Concert of the year
Winner: Immortal Adventure

Category: Solo singer
Winner: Wason Brazoban (@wasonbrazoban)

Category: Artist and/or urban group
Winner: The Alpha (@elalfaeljefe)


Category: Digital Program
Winner: As Much (@altantotv)

Category: Themed Entertainment Program
Winner: Emphasis (@enfasisconivanruiz1rd)

Category: Video Clip Of The Year
Winner: We Have Nothing (@coviquintana)

Category: Announcer Of The Year
Winner: Federico Núñez Manón (@federiconunezmanan)

Category: Comedian Of The Year
Winner: Maria Tavarez (@mariatavarez22)

Category: Outstanding Communicator Abroad
Winner: Esperanza Ceballos (@esperceballos)

Category: Regional Entertainment Program
Winner: You and Us (@youandus29)

Category: YouTuber of the Year
Winner: Santiago Matias (@pr1ncematias)

Category: Tv Animator
Winner: Caroline Aquino (@Carolineaquino1)

Category: Comedy show
Winner: Raymond and Miguel (@miguelyraymond)

Category: Daily entertainment program
Winner: The Midday Show (@elshowdelmediodia)

Category: Weekly Variety Magazine
Winner: It’s still early (@estempranotodaviatv)

Category: TV Presenter
Winner: Pamela Sued (@Pamsued)

Line Cinema

Category: Best actress
Winner: Lumy Lizardo (@Lumylizardo)

Category: Best actor
Winner: Vicente Santos (@Vincentsant)

Category: Director
Winner: José María Cabral (@josemariacabral)

Category: Best Drama
Winner: Coppelia Hotel

Category: Best Comedy
Winner: The Lives of Kings

“Classic” line

Category: Featured Overseas Artist
Winner: Nathalie Peña Comas

Category: stage production
Winner: Carmen

Category: Play
Winner: Omar and the others

Category: Theater actress
Winner: Patricia Ascuaciati

Category: Theater actor
Winner: Orestes Amador

Category: Classical dancer
Winner: Maria Emilia Garcia

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