These are the new rates for Italian consular services as of #03Oct

These are the new rates for Italian consular services as of #03Oct

The Italian passport will go from costing Bs 121 to 475 bolívares; amount that can only be paid with a local debit card, since the Italian Consulate does not accept payments in cash or international cards

The Italian Consulate in Caracas informed through its account in Twitter that as of this Monday, October 3, the costs of consular services will change in rate because the Ministry of the Economy of Rome notified a change in the euro/bolivar exchange rate.

The cost for issuing the passport will be 475 bolívares; which at the exchange rate in dollars according to the rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela for Friday, September 30 (8.18 bolívares) would be $58.06.

If the conversion is made in euros, the cost of the Italian passport would represent €59.44; since for this September 30 the price is 7.99 bolivars per euro. The previous price of the Italian passport was 121 bolivars.

While the rates for the recognition of Italian adult citizenship by blood will remain at 1,215 bolivars and will continue to be free for those under 18 years of age.

When making the conversion in dollars, this last procedure will remain at $148.53 and in euros it represents €152.06.

The communication issued through Twitter also specifies that “all consular services continue to be canceled only with a local debit card” and add that they are waiting for them to be paid with an international debit card soon.

The Italian Consulate does not accept cash payments.

Other information offered by this embassy is that all civil status certificates (birth, marriage, divorce, death) can be delivered without an appointment, “only for those who submit their documents within a year of the event.”

They also recalled that death certificates are accepted without translation or apostille.

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