Monsignor Báez: "We do not fear those who threaten jail, exile or death"

These are the most important news of September 29, 2022

The illegitimate president, Daniel Ortega, described the Catholic Church as a “perfect dictatorship” and said that they cannot speak of democracy when even the pope himself is imposed by a group of religious.

Monsignor Silvio Báez, auxiliary bishop of Managua who is in exile, answered Daniel Ortega about the attacks launched against the Catholic Church.

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The religious leader wrote on his Twitter account that Ortega’s statements show “ignorance, lies and cynicism.”

In addition, he ironized that Ortega speaks of democracy when he “is a dictator who illegitimately exercises power; someone who is an atheist, criticizing the authority that Jesus gave his Church and lamenting that he does not feel represented »by it.

Daniel Ortega also attacked the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, and the United States Undersecretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, Brian Nichols, who have called for the release of political prisoners in Nicaragua.

Ortega accused Boric of being “a president of the Pinochet tyranny,” where the law that was promulgated under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet continues to prevail. In addition, he stated that Chile continues to have political prisoners from the previous government.

On US Undersecretary Brian Nichols, Ortega launched a speech described as “racist” by voices critical of his regime. The attack against Nichols occurs days after the senior official announced that the United States is preparing more sanctions against the dictatorship.

Nicaragua’s former ambassador to the OAS Arturo McFields pointed out that Ortega was “racist and vulgar.” Through his Twitter account, he said that “as a Nicaraguan of African descent he feels insulted” and urged the president to apologize to the entire Afro-descendant community of Nicaragua, after having “fallen so low.”

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The European Union (EU) has not received any official communication from the Nicaraguan government about the expulsion of its ambassador in Managua, Bettina Muscheidt, spokesman Peter Stano assured.

The spokesman for the European Foreign Service told international media that “the only thing I could say on the subject, at that time, is that the head of the European Union delegation in Managua was summoned on Wednesday, September 28, to the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Nicaragua”.

National media indicate that, at that meeting, the regime informed Muscheidt about his expulsion and gave him 72 hours to leave the country.

Stano said that “they are evaluating the situation in contact with the Nicaraguan authorities.”

Lilliam Solórzano Aguirre, mother of Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, died this Thursday at the age of 94 due to health complications. The Archdiocese of Managua issued a note of mourning in which she expressed her “deep sorrow” and sent condolences to the archbishop. He also announced that the funeral mass will be held on Friday morning at the Managua Cathedral, followed by her burial.

The regime’s spokeswoman, Rosario Murillo, on behalf of the Presidency of the Republic, sent her condolences to Cardinal Brenes and his family; a day after Daniel Ortega attacked the Catholic Church and accused the priests of “coup plotters.”

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The Ministry of the Interior ordered the cancellation of the legal personality of 80 Non-Governmental Organizations, including Christian entities such as the New Christian Vision Association, the Interdenominational Biblical Institute and the International Ministry Springs of Life.

In the list there are also associations dedicated to the care of women, local economic development and education. From 2018 to date, more than 2,100 NGOs have been closed.

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