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These are the most important news of March 21, 2023

US report is an "alert" on DD violations. H H. In Nicaragua

The legal director for Latin America of the Christian Lawyers Association, Carlos Ramirezannounced that he will raise the case of Monsignor Rolando Álvarez before international courts, because the judicial process that the Catholic hierarch faced is full of irregularities.

In statements to national media, the lawyer explained that there are four instances that are going to exhaust, two of them are national instances that are still in force in Nicaragua.

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Ramírez indicated that they will request the intervention of the Organization of American States and the intervention of the UN, and they will also assert it before the Inter-American Court of Justice once all local instances in judicial matters have been exhausted.

The United States warned of a continuous decline in human rights in the world, in an annual report published on Monday in which it mentioned Iran, China, Afghanistan and the dictatorships of Nicaragua and Cuba.

The report analyzes the situation in almost 200 countries and territories, and according to the authorities of the North American country, it applies the same standards to all.

The environmental defender Amaru Ruiz denounced that the Nicaraguan Army has not yet ruled on the attack against indigenous people from the North Caribbean community, Wilú, perpetrated by settlers.

These are the most important news of March 21, 2023

The biologist regretted the quick response of the military institution to the crime of illegal transfer of livestock and horses, while keeping silent about the massacre, after the Army celebrated, through a statement, the occupation of animals.

Ruiz stated that “the Army cares more for the cows than for the indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples,” and questioned what use the Ecological Battalion is for “if they do not protect the reserve” of Bosawás, where the recently attacked community is located.

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The family of Jose Javier Alvarez Arguello is requesting financial help to cover medical expenses and care for the health of the exiled political prisoner, who was severely affected during his imprisonment in the torture cells of the Evaristo Vásquez Police Complex, better known as «The New Chipote”.

Jose Javier Alvarez Arguello. Photo: Screenshot

The relatives detailed that since last February 14 they began with the “fundraising campaign” to care for his health, because “the treatments, therapies, and surgical procedures to which he must be subjected urgently exceed $15,000.”

The collection is made through the platform. Álvarez is one of the 222 political prisoners who were sent on a plane to the United States.

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