These are the most important news of June 2, 2023

The Nicaraguan regime, through its steamroller of deputies in the National Assembly, unanimously approved the Law Creating the White Cross, as an autonomous entity attached to the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

In this way, the “Organic Law of the Red Cross” is repealed, approved yesterday, with which Ortega granted itself all the powers to appropriate the emblem and flag of the International Red Cross, with which they passed over the rights humanitarian organization brand name.

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The initiative was presented on Friday, June 2, and urgently approved by the Sandinista deputies, with the argument of “serving the needs of the Nicaraguan population as a decentralized institution.”

The parliamentarians also approved the initiative to reform the recently approved Law 1152, Law for the Repeal of Legislative Decree number 357 and Creation of the Nicaraguan Red Cross, which establishes that all the patrimony, assets and shares that to date belong to the Nicaraguan Red Cross Association will become property of the State.

confiscated red cross
Regime creates “The White Cross and confiscates assets of the Red Cross”

The White Cross will have branches throughout the country. And according to the justification for creating it, it is because the population needs to have an institution that attends in case of emergencies.

The propagandist for the Ortega dictatorship and director of Radio La Primerísima, William Grigsby Vado, once again attacked businessmen in the private sector. This time he pointed his guns at Roberto Zamora Llanes, president of Banco LAFISE.

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Through his propaganda program “Without Borders”, Grigsby accused the businessman of money laundering, murder and fraud to the State, to later reveal the intentions of the campaign that he maintains against those of big capital.

Grigsby, known as one of the most virulent propagandists and obedient to dictators Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, attacked businessman Zamora Llanes and his family, saying they made their fortune laundering illicit money and defrauding the state.

In addition, he accused him of the murder of an accountant who worked for Banco Lafise in El Salvador, as well as of evading taxes in Nicaragua and in the United States through the Zamora-Terán Foundation.

To seal his warning, the radio agitator threatened Zamora to “behave well” with the Ortega regime because they still have “his things saved” for him.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) expressed its concern at the recent wave of arbitrary arrests and some exiles against opponents, activists and former politicians, as well as journalists and religious, all of this ordered by the administration of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

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In the statement this Friday, the organization’s spokeswoman, Marta Hurtado, pointed out that it is worrying “that the Nicaraguan authorities are actively silencing any critical or dissident voice in the country and are using the justice system for this purpose.”

The spokeswoman remarked that in the month of May alone, 63 people were arbitrarily detained throughout the country and, just one night, 55 people were charged with “conspiracy to undermine national integrity and spreading false news,” charges that the government uses to silence to his critics.

These are the most important news of June 2, 2023
UN denounces intensification of repression in Nicaragua

60 days have passed since the arbitrary arrest of the young opponent and student leader Jason Salazar Rugamakidnapped on April 4 and about whom little is known about his legal situation.

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The April 19 University Movement (MU19A) denounced that the authorities have not provided more information to the family of the prisoner of conscience and have not allowed him to be visited.

Faced with this situation, the opposition organization has declared that Salazar Rugama is in a “state of forced disappearance”, a common pattern of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo to create anxiety in the relatives of political prisoners.

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