These are the most important news of July 8, 2022

These are the most important news of July 8, 2022

The Nicaraguan regime took over the facilities of at least three Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), recently canceled by the steamroller of Sandinista deputies in the National Assembly.

The feminist NGO The currentdirected by María Teresa Blandón, denounced that this July 8 the regime completed the dispossession of the premises that served, for 28 years, as a meeting space in defense of women’s rights.

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The members reiterated that the act is “illegal and violates freedom of association” and, before being expelled from the center, they filled the walls with feminist graffiti.

The organization Operation Smilewhich helped people affected by cleft lip and palate for almost 30 years, also said goodbye to the Nicaraguan people through a statement, after learning about the entry of police officers into the facilities located in Managua.

Operation Smile says goodbye to Nicaragua after the confiscation of its offices

The association outlined that, during its years of work, it benefited more than seven thousand patients and raised and invested more than five million dollars in care for those affected, programs and projects, among other achievements.

In turn, the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) denounced the seizure of the premises of the Humboldt Centeran environmental organization that was also stripped of its legal status in March, whose building is valued at about $450,000.

The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo militarized the border with Costa Rica in Peñas Blancas to prevent a commission of leftist organizations in latin america entered the country with the aim of visiting political prisoners.

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The commission, made up of parliamentarians, representatives of human rights organizations and social leaders, carried out a caravan in the neighboring country en route to Nicaragua, accompanied by exiles, relatives of victims and members of the Nicaraguan Peasant Movement. The so-called “Caravan for the life and freedom of political prisoners” reached the border, however, the Latin American parliamentarians affirmed that they will remain in the Costa Rican territory waiting for the situation to unravel and there are other initiatives.

The parliamentarians claimed to the regime that the attack was against leftist organizations, therefore, they cannot invoke their speech to accuse them of having “connections with the US Embassy, ​​the White House or of committing an attempted coup interference.”

The Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) denounced the new wave of persecution against the staff of the newspaper La Prensa in Nicaragua, after the arbitrary arrest of at least three workers of the independent media outlet. Jorge Canahuati, president of the IAPA, stated that the detainees are “victims of abuse, intolerance and lack of respect for their fundamental rights,” and blamed the regime for what may happen to each of them.

Likewise, Carlos Jornet, president of the IAPA’s Committee on Freedom of the Press and Information, reiterated his urgent call to restore freedoms in Nicaragua, “where the regime acts with total discretion, without facing the consequences for its repressive actions.”

The organization demanded the immediate release of all imprisoned journalists.

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The priest Manuel Salvador Garcia57, was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison for the alleged crimes of physical violence and psychological violence to the detriment of Martha Candelaria Rivaswho was imprisoned after denying the Prosecutor’s Office.

The digital media Despacho 505 revealed that the Public Ministry resorted to the citizen Humberto Jose Sanchez Lopez44, ex-husband of the alleged victim, who lent himself to denounce the priest, despite the fact that the man was described by one of his daughters as a violent person, who separated from his mother due to the aggressions and did not maintain a relationship either with their children for months.

These are the most important news of July 8, 2022
Regime sentences priest Manuel Salvador García to two years in prison

The priest will remain in the Granada prison until February 2025. The Nandaime parish priest had already been convicted of the alleged crime of threatening with a weapon.

The Nicaraguan dictatorship celebrated this July 8 the massacre against protesters carried out in Carazo, during the 2018 social protests.

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Human rights organizations documented that, in that year, a contingent of at least two thousand armed men broke into the municipalities of Jinotepe, Diriamba and Dolores in the early hours of July 8, cut off the telephone signal and took over the hospitals to end the life of the inhabitants who were in the trenches and remained in resistance against the dictatorship. The so-called “Operation Cleanup” ended with 38 lives.

This day, the spokeswoman, Rosario Murillo, stated that it was a “deserved defeat”, while her regime celebrated with an act outside the Colegio San José in Jinotepe.

These are the most important news of July 8, 2022
Former police officers accused of raping a young woman in Managua plead guilty

The two former police officers accused by the Public Ministry for the crimes of rape, minor psychological injuries and usurpation of functions pleaded guilty to raping a 21-year-old girl.

José Domingo Matamoros Castillo, 24, and Junior Enrique Alonzo Hurtado, 26, confessed to having committed the crime on Friday night, May 27, when both were patrolling District Two of the capital city. The former police officers could receive a minimum sentence of 13 years in prison.

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