Monsignor Álvarez surpasses Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo in popularity ratings

These are the most important news of July 5, 2023

Nicaraguan Bishop Rolando Álvarez refused to accept exile and, after the negotiation failed, he would have been returned to his cell in a maximum security gallery in the La Modelo penitentiary, in Tipitapa, Managua, according to some religious sources.

“He wants to be free in his country,” said Church sources who confirmed from early hours that the religious man was released from prison and handed over to members of the Nicaraguan Episcopal Conference, but later said that he was returned to prison as punishment for refusing, for second time, into exile.

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The auxiliary bishop of Managua, Monsignor Silvio José Báez, from his exile in the United States, revealed, through a note posted on your personal Facebook accountwho in August 2022, when Monsignor Rolando Álvarez was still surrounded by the Sandinista Police in the Matagalpa Cathedral, had communicated his determination not to submit to the exile that the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo intended to impose on him.

«I spoke by phone with Monsignor Álvarez… (and) on that occasion he told me that he would not leave Nicaragua for any reason, unless the Pope told him to. He added that it was a conscious decision before God, “explained Monsignor Báez.

Leaving that the Sandinista dictatorship would be pressing a “negotiation” with Bishop Álvarez to give him his freedom in exchange for him accepting exile, Bishop Báez said with determination: “So there is nothing to negotiate. I know Rolando and he will never negotiate a conscious decision that he has made and that I fully understand ».

The Catholic leader exiled and stripped of his nationality on February 15, along with 93 other Nicaraguans, was sympathetic to the “painful” decision made by his brother bishop to assume prison but reject forced exile. “… I support it. As an innocent citizen he has the right to live free in his country. In addition, a pastor bishop does not go far from his town because a dictatorship imposes it on him. I would have acted the same, even paying a price of pain.

With 91 votes in favor and none against, and without any debate, the Ortega deputies and their stilt collaborators approved, this Wednesday, July 5, the reform in the first legislature, to article 97 of the Political Constitution of Nicaragua, referring to the institutionality of the National Police and in this way the non-partisan, apolitical and non-deliberative nature of that armed body legally disappears.

And with the same number of votes, they also reformed in the same session Law 872, on Organization, functions, career and special social security regime of the National Police, to which they changed the content of articles 1, 64 and 65 .

With these reforms, the dictatorship intends, first of all, to force the police to obey any order, including those to repress the people, otherwise they would go to jail, and they also intend to stop desertions from the repressive armed forces.

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The Rivas Prosecutor’s Office requested a sentence of 42 years in prison for Daniel Rosales Frixione, son of the deceased former Ortega magistrate Francisco Rosales, for the murder of a couple from Rivas, whom the defendant ran over with his truck on a section of the Pan-American highway. The penalty debate was held on July 3.

Daniel Arturo Rosales Frixione

The accident that claimed the life of Pedro Joaquin Cubillo Quiroz30 years old, and that of his wife, Eilish Milagro Mora Torrez, 23, occurred at night on March 21. At the time of the accident, both were accompanied by their 18-month-old son, who recovered satisfactorily weeks after the traffic accident, but is at risk of suffering physical deformity.

In accordance with Office 505For each homicide that the defendant committed by fraud, the Prosecutor’s Office requested 15 years in prison and for the very serious injuries to the detriment of the baby, another 10 years.

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