These are the most important news of December 19, 2022

These are the most important news of December 19, 2022

The Ortega Police raided this morning three homes of relatives of the opposition member Zayda Hernández. The activist denounced on her social networks that the agents broke into the house of her 70-year-old maternal grandmother, her sister’s house, and also her paternal grandparents’ house, located in the Shick neighborhood, without a warrant. in Managua. Hernández is currently in exile in the United States.

According to the story published on Facebook by Hernández, the uniformed men broke padlocks to force their way into the house. “They were looking for my dad and asked for” my head “”, he assured. Likewise, he denounced that the police officers confiscated cell phones.

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“According to the torturers, I am in Nicaragua and they were looking for me to transfer me to (the Directorate) Judicial Assistance. I hold the Sandinista dictatorship responsible for any physical and emotional damage suffered by my relatives,” lamented the opponent.

On several occasions, the young woman confronted the riot police, she was also arrested for this situation and a victim of torture. In May 2019, she denounced that she was kidnapped while she tried to attend a civic march in the center of Managua, after her release she showed signs of violence.

Monsignor Silvio José Báez, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Managua and one of the most critical of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo for their authoritarian drift, called for a “day of prayer for Nicaragua”, which includes an end to the persecution of the Church Catholicism and the release of Monsignor Rolando Álvarez, bishop of the Diocese of Matagalpa, priests and political prisoners, a list that already exceeds 230.

The recitation of the rosary is scheduled for this Tuesday, December 20, and will be held at the Santa Agatha Church, in Miami, from where every Sunday the bishop in exile leads a homily in which he focuses on the social crisis that Nicaragua is going through .

The Ortega regime sits Monsignor Álvarez on the bench and tries to charge him with two alleged crimes

The day of prayer will begin at 7:00 p.m. Nicaraguan time and those who are outside the country will be able to join it through the Facebook Live broadcast on Bishop Báez’s account.

The Ortega-Murillo dictatorship has imprisoned more than a dozen religious and others until they have asked Interpol to circulate them. He points them out for alleged conspiracy and propagation of false news.

Nicaraguans will start the year by paying more for the procedures taxed with the fiscal stamp tax, as announced by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit through a statement in which they update that rate.

The arguments they use to increase this charge as of January 1, 2023 are the annual devaluation of the official exchange rate of the córdoba with respect to the dollar and the inflation rate reported by the official Central Bank of Nicaragua.

These are the most important news of December 19, 2022
These are the most important news of December 19, 2022

However, despite the fact that inflation, according to the record of the last twelve months, was 11.38 percent, the rates will reflect an increase of more than 20 percent, that is, that citizens will have to pay more money for each sheet of Stamped paper and fiscal stamps, used to a greater extent by lawyers and study centers that must issue certifications.

With this increase, those who require a general, administrative or special power of attorney, note certificates, substitution of powers, purchase, rental or sale contracts will have to allocate more funds. Each sheet of sealed paper will be sold between 13 and 19 córdobas.

Violence against women in Nicaragua continues to increase. On the afternoon of December 18, the murder of Reina Elizabeth Torres Hernández, 36, was reported in Chinandega, who was found with neck injuries allegedly inflicted by her ex-partner Santos Díaz, 33, originally from Masaya.

The victim decided 15 days ago to end the relationship, but according to reports from the neighbors, Santos refused to break up and persecuted, harassed and threatened Torres. The crime would have been committed in front of the woman’s three children.

The organization Católicas por el Derecho A Decidir registered between January and November 2022, 57 femicides of Nicaraguans; 48 of which were committed in the country and the other nine abroad. Among the main perpetrators are couples or ex-partners.

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The family of Nicaraguan Elvin Enoc Gudiel, 29, who drowned on the morning of December 14 after being swept away by the waters of the Rio Grande that separates the US-Mexico border, is requesting help to repatriate the body to Nicaragua.

According to information published by the organization Texas Nicaraguan Community (TNC), the young man’s body was found in a Morgue in the State of Tabasco. They presume that he fell from one of the boats that transports immigrants, leaving Tabasco for the Gulf. The family needs at least $3,800 to cover repatriation and funeral expenses.

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