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December 17, 2022
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These are the most important news for December 16, 2022

These are the most important news for December 16, 2022

The administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Samantha Power, considered that the illegitimate president, Daniel Ortega, will stop at nothing to suppress the voices and democratic aspirations of the Nicaraguan people.

Power made this statement when commenting on the charges that the Nicaraguan Public Ministry has made against Bishop Rolando Álvarez, a very critical critic of the Ortega regime and who was accused of the crimes of conspiracy to undermine national integrity and propagation of false news. .

In a message sent to journalists by the press office of the United States Embassy in Nicaragua, the USAID administrator stated that “these charges are part of an offensive against the Catholic Church that has resulted in harassment, forced exile and the imprisonment of numerous religious leaders” and warned that the regime “will not stop” in repressing.

The dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo filed charges for alleged “illegal possession or possession of firearms and ammunition” against Rodrigo Navarrete, uncle of the political prisoner Jaime Navarrete, according to the accusation of the Public Ministry to which he had access Article 66.

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The victim who appears in the judicial document is the “public security of Nicaraguan society.”

Navarrete, 59, a retired soldier, was arrested on November 25 at his home in the Loma Linda neighborhood. Sources on condition of anonymity assured this means of communication that the accusation against Navarrete is “montage” and in “revenge” because the man has not stopped asking for the release of his nephew Jaime Navarrete, and has denounced the violations of the rights that his relative suffers in prison.

The pastorelas are represented by boys and girls who personify biblical characters.

The traditional pastorelas of the novena of the Child Jesus of the San Francisco de Asís de Camoapa parish will be held inside the temple because the regime’s Police have restricted the processions.

During the novena, dedicated to the Child Jesus, the pastorelas have become a religious tradition incorporated into the Christmas season that begins on December 16.

These are experiential processions that for years have been held in the streets of Camoapa. The processions visited Catholic homes, where the posadas are staged. However, the regime has prohibited these displays of religiosity and tradition in a context of persecution of leaders of the Catholic Church.

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Dozens of primary and secondary teachers from the ten municipalities of León have abandoned their jobs to migrate illegally to the United States, including a Sandinista teacher who was two months away from retirement.

Last month, the primary school teacher Melva Campos Flores decided to leave the teaching profession and go to the North American country. Campos was a well-known Sandinista militant in that municipality and she worked as president at polling stations, both for the municipal and presidential elections.

Human Rights Observatory fears that Costa Rica's announcement will promote a culture of xenophobia against migrants
Human Rights Observatory fears that Costa Rica’s announcement will promote a culture of xenophobia against migrants

Accompanying Campos, other elementary school teachers who taught in communities in the municipality of Telica crossed the border between the United States and Mexico. According to the source, the decision that the teachers are making sends a message to the other teachers that it is not worth so much effort to reach retirement.

Nicaraguan Elvin Enoc Gudiel, 29, drowned on Wednesday morning, December 14, when he was swept away by the currents of the Rio Grande that joins the United States and Mexico border.

Gudiel was originally from El Tule in the municipality of San Lorenzo, in Boaco, and had left Nicaragua about a week ago. The Texas Nicaraguan Community (TNC) organization reported that the young man’s mother had lost communication with her son since December 12 when she was on her way to Veracruz and, days later, she recognized her son through a photograph that shows his features and a tattoo on his ribs.

The number of missing, kidnapped and deceased Nicaraguan migrants has increased in recent months, as irregular emigration to the north grows; whose figure has reached historic numbers.

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