These are the changes that the peak and plate will have in Bogotá

These are the changes that the peak and plate will have in Bogotá

Just three weeks after taking office, the new Secretary of Mobility, Deyanira Ávila, has had to face great challenges, because according to the same citizenship, Bogotá is a chaos in terms of mobility issues it is about.

According to an interview granted by the official to the magazine Semana, “I am clear that this is one of the most complex sectors, people are very sensitive to mobility. I know we are not going through an easy time because we have an infrastructure delay that is being covered todaybut what we are doing is to improve future travel for all of us who live in this city,” Ávila assured.

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This is how he assured that to deal with this problem “changes are coming. With the diagnosis that I already mentioned, We are making an evaluation directly with the mayor of the series of measures that we are going to take against the bill and plate, against the shared car and for the solidarity bill and plate“.

“Already we are articulating with the entities of the sector, to contribute a little from the obligationfrom control, from the restriction of measures,” added the official.

He added that from this, he already has established what will be its work plan for the remainder of this year and for most of 2023with the purpose of achieving better mobility in the city, and thus be able to respond effectively to the thousands of questions that the district administration receives daily due to the traffic jams in the city.

“We have gigantic challenges, today we have a big congestion problem, which although we are not going to remove it, because that is not going to happen, we would be quite illogical in the speech, yes we all have to work to improve it“, added the secretary Deyanira Ávila in Semana.

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The official pointed out that one of the biggest problems Bogotá has is road congestion, and found that among the factors that affect this problem are the massive works plan (Metro, TransMilenio trunk lines, among others), which contributes 12% of congestion to the city, added to the amount of accidents, which represents 5% of congestion.

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