These are the areas with the most expensive and cheapest rentals in Uruguay

In Uruguay, renting a property costs $18,496 per month if we consider the global average of all the cities and towns in the country, according to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) corresponding to April 2023.

With $7,681 per month, the town with the cheapest rent in the country is Ituzaingó. This website of the Department of Saint Joseph It has 771 inhabitants and is 71 minutes from downtown Montevideo. Its rent enters practically two and a half times that of the Uruguayan capital, whose average rent is $19,234.

The top five places with the cheapest rental in Uruguay does not exceed $10 thousand. In second place is positioned French Riviera with $9,101the Rochense spa has 1,090 inhabitants. The list is completed on May 25, Florida ($9,348); Tala, Canelones ($9,569) and Juan Lacaze, Colonia ($9,920).

Location Department Monthly rent ($)
Ituzaingó Saint Joseph 7681
Blue Coast rock 9,101
25 of May Florida 9,348
felling cannelloni 9,569
Juan Lacaze Cologne 9,920
Saint Felix paysandu 9,961
August 25th Florida 9,964
Ishmael Cortinas Flowers 10,194
Juan Soler Saint Joseph 10,255
The cross Florida 10,372

At the other extreme are the Uruguayan towns with the most expensive rents, which they all exceed $25,000 per month.

The town with the highest rent in Uruguay is the Punta Ballena resort, with a monthly average of $36,066. Located in the department of Maldonado, 18 kilometers from Punta del Este and 3 kilometers from Laguna del Sauce, Punta Ballena has 750 inhabitants.

The next most expensive locations are in the department of Canelones. With $30,449 a month, Parque Miramar stands out as the second highest rent from the country. The five places complete it El Bosque ($28,360), Barra de Carrasco ($28,268) and Shangrilá ($26,993).

According to INE data, Punta de Este, Uruguay’s flagship resort, is the tenth most expensive place, on average, to rent a property, with a value of $23,348.

Location Department Monthly rent ($)
Whale Point maldonado 36,066
Miramar Park cannelloni 30,449
The forest cannelloni 28,360
Carrasco bar cannelloni 28,268
shangrila cannelloni 26,993
Beautiful view maldonado 25,774
Sea lake cannelloni 24,489
Sun and sea cannelloni 24,034
Saint Joseph of Carrasco cannelloni 23,829
east point maldonado 23,348

The INE data is taken from the rental contracts in force per month by department, based on records from the Rental Guarantee Service and ANDA.

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