“Son nuevas oportunidades para que las empresas locales sean competitivas”

“These are new opportunities for local companies to be competitive”

Eric Ramos
General Manager BHD León Stock Market

Cesar Iglesias Company it is the first in the country to put its shares up for public sale, and this marks a historic event (April 2022). BHD Leon Stock Market is the structuring entity and one of those responsible for the placement on the stock market.

How important is the issuance of this public offer for the country?

Having the first issue of shares in our capital market it is a historical milestone that opens new opportunities for companies to access new sources of resources and be more competitive in a globalized environment. Additionally, the fact that this company is part of the industrial sector is a great advance for development, and opens the door for other companies to explore alternatives in our market. to sustain its growth.

doDoes this positively impact the development of the stock market?

It is a transcendental step forward for our evolution as a nation, since it is the opening to new opportunities for companies are more competitive in a globalized environment, and so that people can expand their investments.

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How does this impact the country’s economy and job creation?

This will increase the possibility of expansion for this and other Dominican companies that, in addition, will be able to further strengthen their operations and conquer new marketswhich translates into a favorable impact for the economy.

From what date and at what cost can these shares be purchased?

It will be possible to buy it soon, through the stock market stalls responsible for the placement, such as BHD Leon Stock Market. They will be available for purchase from the publication of the placement notice, up to 15 working days after that publication.

The final price per share will be disclosed in the placement notice when the reception of offers begins.

What security does this issue provide to future investors?

We recommend people and companies interested in acquiring shares that, before proceeding, they know the risks associated with the purchase of shares, which are variable income instruments, as well as all the information that will be available on the issuer and the public offer.

In this sense, one of the main risks is the volatility in the price of the shares once they are admitted to trading; that is, in the future an action could be worth more or less than the price in which it was initially purchased.

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Can anyone participate? Is there a requirement to be met?

These shares will be available to the general public, both individuals and legal entities and companies. The buyer’s profile will be evaluated by the stock market.

Issuance of public offering of shares can also be done by MSMEs?

Any company established as a public limited company can issue shares on the stock market.

Are you aware if other companies are also evaluating making a public offering of shares?

There is definitely interest in the market and we are available to accompany entrepreneurs to evaluate their options.

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