Cusco is flooded with garbage on World Tourism Day

There will no longer be garbage collection in Cusco, there is no fuel for the compactors

In addition to the enormous damage caused to the economy by the constant blockade of roads, this protest measure has also left several regions of the country without products or fuel.

This is the case of Cusco, where more than a week ago, the fuel pumps mark zero, because the tankers that transport this element cannot enter the region due to the gates at different points.

Despite the fact that last weekend, the protesters gave a “truce” for a few hours and allowed some tanker trucks to pass, the product was short-lived, and again sold out almost everywhere.

The scarcity of this hydrocarbon It has caused public and private transport to come to a standstillin addition to leaving out of service citizen care units such as Serenazgo and lately public cleaning.

In a recent statement, the Provincial Municipality of Cusco has indicated that as of the date the city will not have a solid waste collection service, since the compactor trucks ran out of gasoline.

“The public cleaning service in its stages of collection, transport and final disposal It is restricted until further notice due to the lack of fuel supply by the providers and the lack in the region”, quotes the statement verbatim.

On this, the executive president of the National Superintendence of Sanitation Services (Sunass), Mauro Gutiérrez, warned that cities like Cusco run the risk of running out of drinking water, due to a possible lack of inputs for its purification.

It happens that the water must be treated with elements such as chlorine, which cannot be transported by air for safetyand can’t get there by land due to blockadesWithout these chemicals, harmful substances such as chrome, lead, zinc, among others, cannot be eliminated.

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