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There were almost 30 thousand victims of family violence in 2021

The Prosecutor’s Office assisted 29,288 victims of family violence during 2021.

In 2021, Family Violence was the most reported punishable act. An average of 2,440 victims treated per month and approximately 80 victims per day is estimated. In this sense, in 2021 the Public Ministry received from January to December a total of 29,288 complaints for the aforementioned punishable act. An increase of almost 8 more cases per day is registered, in relation to 2020 in which 71 victims per day were treated.

At the country level, 2,513 cases were reported in January, 2,288 in February, 2,584 in March, 1,950 in April, and 2,056 in May. Subsequently, in June 2,022 cases, in July 2,204, in August 2,489, in September 2,589 and in October 2,412. Finally, in November 2,956 cases entered and in December 3,125.

That is, the months with the most complaints were December, November, March and September.


According to the annual evolution of complaints for Family Violence received in the Public Ministry throughout the country, between 2015 and 2020 there was an increase of 158% of complaints received.

Firstly, in 2015, 10,164 complaints were received, in 2016, 13,142 complaints were received, in 2017, 16,600 complaints were received, in 201, 21,840 were received, in 2019 the sum amounts to 26,039, and in 2020 to 26,241.

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