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There is no food, but the Ministry of Domestic Trade will celebrate Cuban Cuisine Week

MIAMI, United States. – The Ministry of Internal Trade (MINCIN) of the Island announced this friday the celebration of the Cuban Cuisine Week, which will take place from October 16 to 21.

According to that government entity, the gastronomy companies, together with the Culinary Association of Havana, will hold master conferences at the Association’s headquarters in Xifre, related to the emblematic dishes of the Island; as well as a Culinary Panel at the House of Culture of the Cotorro municipality, and interaction with associates.

In addition, the MINCIN will organize a visit to the “Spatula de Oro” Culinary Project, in Centro Habana; in addition to meetings with young people from the Scientific Society of Eastern Havana.

The celebration of the Cuban Cuisine Week has drawn attention and generated criticism for the serious food shortage suffered by residents on the island.


The scenario of scarcity worsened even more after Hurricane Ian passed through the West of the country. “The situation in this country is getting worse every day. People go to bed thinking about what they are going to eat the next day, ”he recently declared to CubaNet the activist Ángel Cuza, a resident of Old Havana.

This year, the regime published its Food Sovereignty and Food and Nutritional Security Law (SSAN Law) in the Official Gazette. According to the regulations, approved in an extraordinary session of the National Assembly of the People’s Power of Cuba, it is intended to achieve food sovereignty and guarantee the right of every person to a healthy and adequate diet.

However, the authorities do not explain how this food sovereignty will be achieved when the agro-markets and stores that most Cubans can access are out of stock; with almost the entire population making long queues to buy what appears, and with the agricultural system in crisis.

The agricultural sector Cuban registered in 2021 one of the worst exercises in recent years. The main agricultural productions had considerable decreases, aggravating the shortage of supply and the difficulties of Cubans to eat every day.

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