There are three violent land invasions in five days and without sanctions

There are three violent land invasions in five days and without sanctions

December 5, 2022, 7:37 AM

December 5, 2022, 7:37 AM

The violence has escalated. There are three subjugated properties in the departments of Santa Cruz and Pando in the last five days. One deceased and several injured is the record of these violent days in which no apprehended or decided actions have yet been registered by the Bolivian Police.

The Minister of the Presidency, María Nela Prada, asked to investigate and punish these actions, considering that there may be people who live off land trafficking.

Yesterday morning, the owners of the Kim Tourist Center, located behind the Palmasola refinery, denounced that two of their workers were attacked by bullies who took part of these properties on October 21, one night before the indefinite strike began.

The attack occurred when the workers were having breakfast. and, upon realizing that the invaders of these lands entered machinery illegally, they went to document the fact.

This annoyed these people who attacked one of the workers, causing a head injury, and kidnapped the other, but was released two hours later. The victim filed a complaint with the police. but so far there have been no police actions and even fewer people arrested for the invasions and attacks.

“The news had to go viral on social networks for the police to come and my worker to appear walking in the midst of the harassers,” said Sun Chel Kim, brother of the owner of these properties, who also criticized the police inaction since these people arrived at the property, raising houses and opening roads.

EL DEBER paid a visit to this place where he was able to verify that the people denounced by the Kim family are working about 200 meters from the home of the owners, which is why they are constantly intimidated, they denounced.

This land hosts several aquifers and when carrying out these works with machinery, the bodies of water are at great risk. “They come in with surveyors and heavy machinery, they do what they want. The Government has already reported that environmental damage is being done and these people, despite the fact that there is a technical report, continue to attack the natural heritage of the department.

The term expires in Guarayos

This Monday the 48-hour period expires, determined by the Ascensión Interethnic Center (CIEA), so that the subjugators who entered a property located 80 kilometers from Ascensión de Guarayos, leave this property peacefully, otherwise force will be used.

For today, the arrival of 10 departmental assembly members is also scheduled to carry out a visual inspection of the subjugated property, located in the Cerro Chico area.

Early Thursday morning, more than 100 people entered the Las Parabas property and burned the camp with three sheds, a tractor and a caterpillar that had been rented from a Mennonite. In the first instance, the disappearance of seven people was reported, but shortly after they appeared and it was reported that they had taken refuge in a neighboring property.

The Police carried out two patrols in the place, the first preventive and the second to collect evidence. According to the report of the police authorities, no outsider was found in the place, but it was found that there was damage to the machinery and other property.

In Pando, the people who entered, early Friday morning, with rifles to the barraca San Miguel They remain in the place and have erected a checkpoint to prevent the harvesters from entering to work in these properties, reported media in the area.

As a result of this seizure, the death of a person, a sugar cane worker, who worked on the aforementioned property, was reported. According to the reports that come from the Pandino department, there are only 15 police officers in the place, but to date they have not entered the property.

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