There are 4 new cases of monkeypox and authorities hope to discharge more patients soon

There are 4 new cases of monkeypox and authorities hope to discharge more patients soon

September 14, 2022, 23:10 PM

September 14, 2022, 23:10 PM

The deputy minister for promotion and epidemiological surveillance, María Renée Castro, hopes confirm discharge of several monkeypox patients in the coming days. This Wednesday, they have consigned four new positive cases of the disease and, also, it has been verified the recovery of two patients.

Until now, there are 12 people who have been reestablished of monkeypox. There are 117 patients under observation, according to figures offered by the authority.

“AIt is not a lethal virus, people are going to recover,” says Castro. New patients are expected to be discharged in the coming days, since “they have completed the period of illness”. Mind you, they still remain “under observation until they are free of scabs and cannot spread the disease,” he said.

the deputy minister highlighted the comprehensive plan against monkeypox arranged by the authorities “before smallpox enters our country.” The plan was to identify the cases and monitor them from the isolation of the patient.

Two laboratories were set up to facilitate rapid diagnosis. He also praised the work carried out together with the Headquarters and the municipalities to contain the disease.

In Castro’s opinion, the covid experience helped health systems to care for and isolate diagnosed patients.

The authority reflected on the importance of having adequate information to deal with diseases. “We have learned (from covid) and the health system has been improved”he referred.

Despite the efforts made by the Ministry of Health, still “there are people who have not gone for their vaccines,” he questioned. And he took advantage of his participation in an interview on Bolivia TV to invite the entire population, over five years old, to attend the vaccination centers.

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