There are 33 injured due to the overturning of a bus in Salgar, Antioquia

There are 33 injured due to the overturning of a bus in Salgar, Antioquia

There were 33 injured people left by the overturning of a ladder-type bus, which fell and overturned into the Barroso River, located in the village of Las Andes in the rural area of ​​the municipality of Salgar, southwest of Antioquia, confirmed the authorities.

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This accident occurred moments in which the car was traveling over the bridge known as Los Uranes, in the village of Las Andes on the road that connects Salgar-La Cámara -Las Andes- La Yaruma.

The Mayor of Salgar, Carlos Andrés Londoño Vélez, stated that initially in this road incident 34 people were rescued and transferred to health centers in southwest Antioquia and some due to the complexity of the injuries to the capital of Antioquia. While being treated, a person died at the San José Hospital.

For her part, Gabriela María Mora Zapata, scientific deputy director of the San José hospital, revealed that of the 33 injured patients, six are minors, who present traumas to the abdomen, chest, cranioencephalic, rib fractures and upper and lower limbs.

In the sector The different relief agencies remain carrying out search tasks for a person who is still missing.

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The authorities are conducting investigations to establish the reasons for this traffic accident. This municipality of the department has not escaped the intense rains that have fallen in recent weeks and make access to tertiary roads difficult.

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