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There are 111 landslides due to rains in Havana

MIAMI, United States. — Two deaths, 111 landslides and 23 flooded areas have been the balance recorded so far by the Havana authorities after the rains associated with the disturbance that is advancing over the northeast of the Gulf of Mexico.

The information It was released at a meeting of the Temporary Working Group of the province, meeting this morning to analyze the damage caused by the weather phenomenon.

According to authorities in the capital, of the 111 landslides, 109 have been classified as partial, while two other buildings were completely destroyed.

Of the 23 areas that suffered flooding, the most severe occurred in La Polar (municipality of Cerro), El Fanguito (Plaza de la Revolución) and El Pontón (Centro Habana).

Directors of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources who participated in the meeting pointed out that an average of 100 millimeters of rain fell on the capital, twice the rate considered as intense rain.

The two officially deceased so far were a 69-year-old adult, victim of a landslide in Centro Habana, and another 54-year-old, a resident of La Lisa, who died in the municipality of Boyeros due to drowning. Both deaths occurred yesterday. One injury is also reported.

The Civil Defense of Havana counts a total of 4,522 people evacuated in state shelters, while another 3,970 evacuated themselves in the homes of relatives or friends.

Three deaths and numerous damages due to heavy rains in Cuba (June 4 / 10:00)

The heavy rains associated with the low pressure zone advancing to the west of Cuba have left numerous damages on the Island.

So far, three deaths have been registered, two in Havana and one in Pinar del Río, who had previously been reported missing.

The last victim was identified as Yosvel Cabrera Álvarez, 44, who lived in the municipality of Pinar del Río. The man would have fallen into a swollen stream on the morning of this Friday, a fact that led to his death.

According to information released by the Government of that province, the body of Cabrera Álvarez was found lifeless near the ESPA in the Diez de Octubre neighborhood.

Yesterday afternoon, the disappearance of Yusiniel Cabeza La Rosa, 21 years old, resident of the Ojo de Agua farm, belonging to the Santa Lucía popular council, north of Minas de Matahambre, was also reported in Pinar del Río.

According to the station Radio Guamathe incident occurred when the young man was swept away by the strong currents of the Río del Vicio, while trying to swim across it.

On this Friday, a total of 61 landslides had been registered, 60 of them partial, and numerous interruptions of the electrical service in all the provinces of western Cuba. Official media reported that in Havana alone around 50,000 people had been left without the service.

There are 61 landslides due to rains in Havana (June 3 / 9:00 p.m.)

A total of 61 landslides, 60 of them partial, have been recorded in Havana due to the rains associated with the low pressure zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

The information was disclosed in the program Round tablewhere authorities from the Cuban capital appeared.

According to preliminary data on damage in Havana, they indicate that the 61 landslides affected nine family groups made up of a total of 20 people.

The deaths in the capital were registered due to a landslide and an accident of which no details have been offered.

The authorities indicate that so far 445 people have been evacuated in around 80 centers, while another 1,914 evacuated themselves in the houses of relatives or friends.

At the moment, the municipalities most affected by landslides are Centro Habana, Diez de Octubre and Habana Vieja.

Floods in Havana (Photo: Cubadebate)

Victims increase due to heavy rains in Cuba: two dead and one missing (June 3 / 18:00)

Two dead and one missing have been reported this Friday in western Cuba due to heavy rains and floods caused by the low pressure zone advancing in the Gulf of Mexico, reported today the Civil defense of the island.

The two deaths occurred in the Cuban capital, while the missing person lives in the province of Pinar del Río, another of the territories affected by the meteorological phenomenon.

According to the Cuban Institute of Meteorology (INSMET), rainfall has been intense in several locations in the west and center of the island. The largest report corresponds to the meteorological station in Punta del Este, Isla de la Juventud, with 155 millimeters. Important accumulations are also registered in Isabel Rubio, Pinar del Río, with 135mm and Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud, with 129mm.

Rescue and salvage operations in Pinar del Río

The provincial channel Tele Pinar reported this afternoon that a rescue team arrived in La Coloma, in the provincial capital of Pinar del Río, to evacuate people who were left incommunicado by the floods.

Havana: 50,000 homes without electricity

The heavy rains have also reached the Cuban capital, where some 50,000 homes are without electricity, said the head of the Office of the Electricity Company of the capital during a meeting of the Temporary Work Group of the province, gathered to analyze the impact of the weather phenomenon.

The official indicated that work is being done on the 23 damaged circuits, which represents seven percent of Havana’s electrical system.

In the province, 40 partial landslides and severe flooding had also been registered in the municipalities of Habana Vieja, Centro Habana and Cerro, considered risk areas.

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