Theft of energy for cryptomining can generate cuts or low voltage, warns ANDE

Theft of energy for cryptomining can generate cuts or low voltage, warns ANDE

Long lines are reported in several municipalities of the country, where taxpayers seek to update their documents. However, the fall of the Opaci prevents the process for those who need renewal.

In several cities of Central and other departments, driver’s licenses expire this Friday, March 31, and last-minute procedures are a common practice in our country, something that no one can object to, as long as the user stays within the deadlines. .

However, moving forward is difficult when the system does not work and that is the case of the Opaci (Paraguayan Organization for Intermunicipal Cooperation), whose system fell nationwide this Wednesday and caused chaos in several municipalities.

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In the case of the Municipality of Asunción, The expiration of the driver’s license is only on May 31, however, the fall affected taxpayers who were there today, trying to revalidate their records.

In this regard, the capital’s commune was forced to issue a statement, advising thatthe Opaci system experienced a fall at the national level, for which reason the renewal and issuance of registration services are suspended throughout the country.

However, the annual revalidation of driver’s licenses are carried out normally, since they do not depend on Opaci.

This morning, a cell phone from the Gen-Nación Media Channel showed an endless queue in the Municipality of Lambaré, where most of those affected expected to comply with the process carried out by Opaci.

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For his part, Nelson Peralta, director of Opaci, apologized to the public and explained that, in an effort to improve the system, they suffered this inconvenience.

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