The work “Mother”, by the sculptor Rubén Mamani from La Paz, wins the live wood carving contest of Casa Design Center

The work "Mother", by the sculptor Rubén Mamani from La Paz, wins the live wood carving contest of Casa Design Center

May 21, 2023, 10:14 PM

May 21, 2023, 10:14 PM

the jury of Live Wood Carving Contest of the IX Sculpture Symposium Casa Design Center 2023, chose as the winning work the sculpture “Mother”, by the sculptor Rubén Mamani from La Paz.

The announcement was made on the night of this Sunday, May 20, and in the minutes of the qualifying jury, the winning work stands out: “ The author’s technical expertise in carving a very hard woodso that enormous difficulty was overcome”, in addition to “Resolving the sculptural composition with basic tools, the good use of the tools used and the characterization of the characters adapted to the local environment, alien to their daily experience”

The jury also chose to give a Honorable Mention to the sculpture “Adaptation”, by John Ulises Mamani, in which he valued “his work in the search for form and the adaptation of his project to the trunk that touched him”. He also stressed that “his participation in the symposium meant a challenge to himself”.

The qualifying jury for this version of the contest was made up of sculptors Marcia De Bernardo (Brazil), Néstor Figueroa (Chile) and Juan Bustillos (Bolivia).

Rubén Mamani Huayhua was born in 1980 in Ichumarca, a town in the Camacho province. He lived his childhood in Aucapata, third section of the province. Dolls, where, since childhood, started playing with clay replicating animals and toy objects carving cactus, chipping stones, while grazing cattle.

He is a Senior Technician in Wood Carving and Joinery, graduated from UCB “San Pablo” in La Paz in 2006 and studied Plastic Arts at the Public University of El Altofrom where he obtained the graduation for Excellence in 2022. He is also studying a postgraduate course in Higher Education, an essential requirement to qualify to be part of teaching in the university system. To participated in collective exhibitions since 2012 nationally and abroad. He is affiliated with the Bolivian Association of Plastic Artists (ABAP) El Alto Branch, and is a member of the Bolivian Association of Sculptors (ABE). He lives in the city of El Alto, La Paz – Bolivia,

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