The woman condemned after denouncing the abuse of her daughter in networks asks for justice and not clemency

The woman condemned after denouncing the abuse of her daughter in networks asks for justice and not clemency

Flavia Saganías: “For a publication on social networks, the Justice charged me first for inciting violence” (Photo Alfredo Luna)

Flavia Saganías, the woman who was sentenced to 23 years in prison for denouncing her ex-partner on social networks for sexual abuse of her 6-year-old daughter and who filed a complaint with the Supreme Court of Justice, affirmed this Tuesday that she is not asking for “clemency” but “justice” and stressed that she was sentenced “with unprecedented severity” that included an “abrupt separation” from her children.

The 44-year-old woman, through an audio message broadcast at a press conference attended by representatives of feminist and human rights organizations, demanded that the Court agree to review the conviction for using her social networks to report an act of sexual abuse of her youngest daughter by her former partner.

“I am the mother of five children who since 2017 have been under house arrest in the Cordoba town of San Marcos. My life and that of my children entered a destructive process of unimaginable proportions for a mother from the moment I approached the Justice to denounce that one of my daughters was a victim of abuse,” said Saganías.

Photo Alfredo Luna
(Photo Alfredo Luna)

And he added that “due to a publication on social networks, the Justice charged me first with inciting violence and then they changed the cover because of the injuries suffered by the defendant and in which I had nothing to do; I was tried and sentenced for unprecedented severity that included an abrupt and unexpected separation from my children because I was taken to a maximum security prison at the same time that I was sentenced.”

Saganías was sentenced three years ago to 23 years in prison for the crimes of “attempted doubly aggravated homicide, seriously outrageous sexual abuse to the degree of attempt, illegitimate deprivation of liberty and arson”, as the intellectual author.

Justice considered that the posting that she made the day before the events denouncing that her ex-partner had raped her 6-year-old daughter was what caused Flavia’s mother and brother to go to the house of the alleged abuser and father of her two youngest children, to attack him and cause injuries that took him 12 days of hospitalization.

In addition, the justice ordered that this sentence be effective from the moment it was formulated in a maximum security prison, despite the fact that Flavia has two twins who were 2 years old at the time, and only in mid-2020 was she granted the benefit of house arrest.

Photo Alfredo Luna
(Photo Alfredo Luna)

“Today I am under a probation regime that has a limit of five years, an age that my twins have just turned, so if the Court does not listen to us, my children could grow up without their mother in the face of the irreparable psychological damage that my daughter has already suffered. and his brothers,” he said.

The woman stressed that with this appeal to the Court she renews her hopes “of being heard and that the truth is a manifested factUntil now, all the judicial instances have been revictimizing and we hope that the court reviews the ruling with a gender perspective that was absent throughout the process.”

The woman’s lawyer, Carlos Gonzálesaffirmed that “for us who come from the interior, it is very hard to reach the Court in the capital to install a case that is plagued by countless forms of violence that were systematically neglected and made invisible by the legal operators who had the case in their hands”

“We are convinced that the case must be reviewed and Flavia given a fair sentence because until now she received the opposite from day one when she approached the judicial offices to ask for help, she had just become the mother of twins when she began to observe indicators of sexual violence in one of her daughters and came to the prosecutor’s office to report this,” he recalled.

Photo Alfredo Luna
(Photo Alfredo Luna)

The lawyer stressed that “Flavia at no time sought the execution of her daughter’s abuser, she went to Justice and there she should have been informed of her rights and of all the things that could have led to a process and a trial of the person. accused of the abuse of the girl and that today remains unpunished, “he added.

“The case at this time is filed in the Court based on a complaint that we filed so that the sentence is reviewed, the conviction is annulled and the final acquittal of my client is resolved,” the lawyer told Télam.

González stressed that in the original cause of abuse “We provide new evidence and we get the file removed, but there have not been too many movements, the defendant is not charged and only has restriction measures in force such as a perimeter to prevent contact.”

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