The Wilexis wants to expand at the point of lead in neighborhoods of Petare

The Wilexis wants to expand at the point of lead in neighborhoods of Petare

Wilexis Acevedo Monasterios, alias El Wilexis, wants to expand his criminal organization to neighborhoods neighboring José Félix Rivas, which is the sector of Petare where that subject is based, according to investigations.

These expansive plans are the origin of the latest shootings of Wilexis supporters in other sectors such as April 19, March 24, July 5, Guaicaipuro and Vista Alegre, among others.

The intelligence network that El Wilexis has detected that the “pran” from the 19 de Abril neighborhood was detained by a security agency. That is why El Wilexis wants to take advantage of that existing void in that Petareño neighborhood to conquer it and impose a curfew and place its drug dealers “luceros”.

Because of this, one of the first measures Wilexis took was to order an attack on April 19, which took place last Monday. “Take whoever you find on the road,” was the order, according to witnesses.

That is why the Wilexis gunmen arrived last Monday throwing lead at April 19, killing Renzo José Vaamonde Palacios (18) and Carlos Eduardo Padilla Gómez (20). Both had gunshot wounds to the pectoral and occipital region. In other words, they were shot from the front, an official explained.

The interest of the Wilexis

Alias ​​El Wilexis is interested in colonizing sectors neighboring the José Félix Rivas neighborhood because he is allegedly receiving larger portions of drugs and needs to place them on the market, according to investigations.

For a long time, the Wilexis focused on the 10 zones of the José Félix Rivas neighborhood, which was enough to maintain their drug business. But since the subject was touched by Colombian groups, the demand is greater. And it needs to expand to all of Petare, according to police sources.


Wilexis’s first contacts with Colombian groups occurred in January 2020, five months before the so-called Operation Gideon.

The planners of that action, which sought to dislodge President Nicolás Maduro from power, entrusted the alias organization El Wilexis to carry out a “distracting action” to divert the attention of the security agencies, while the landing was taking place along the coast of La Guaira, as was observed on May 3, 2020. That day a group arrived in Macuto to start Operation Gideon.

But days before that May 3, gunmen from alias Wilexis were shooting into the air at José Félix Rivas as a rehearsal for the day of Operation Gideon.

All this maneuver was confirmed by José Alberto Socorro Hernández, an agent of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), who was captured for his participation in Operation Gideon.

President Nicolás Maduro released a video in which Socorro Hernández declares that “the DEA ordered that pran Wilexis initiate a confrontation to distract the security forces and thus be able to enter the country through Macuto.”

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