The white deputy Gonzalo Mujica announced that he will leave politics in 2025

The former Frente Amplio deputy and current nationalist leader Gonzalo Mujica announced his retirement from active politics when the current government term ends in 2024.

“Many sudden and premature deaths have been predicted for me, but life gave me the possibility of retiring when I decided and proudly white, just as I was born”Mujica told the weekly Search. .

Despite the announcement, Mujica will continue working to consolidate the Futuro Nacional sector, which he leads together with Vice President Beatriz Argimón, for which he plans to focus his efforts on Montevideo while Argimón tours the interior, he explained.

Mujica, in his youth nationalist militantIt was Secretary of the Federation of University Students of Uruguay (USF) during the dictatorshipY He was imprisoned during the civil-military regime from 1981 to 1984.

Only in 2004 did he return to politics, and was elected for three consecutive terms deputy for the Broad Frontfirst for the New Space, then with the National Left Project group that he founded within Space 609, and then passed to the Uruguayan Assembly in 2015.

In 2016, he voted in favor of carrying out an investigative commission on the business of the Frente Amplio governments with Venezuela.against the position of the party, which led to the declaration independent deputy.

During that year and until he resigned from his seat in 2017, Mujica voted together with the then opposition on several occasions and finally in 2018 announced his entry into the National Party, for which he militates to this day. “I always did what I believed and I always took responsibility for the consequences”, Mujica valued.

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