The virtual session of the Council had a faulty connection, no laws were discussed and only the correspondence was read

The virtual session of the Council had a faulty connection, no laws were discussed and only the correspondence was read

This Friday the Municipal Council of Santa Cruz de la Sierra met virtually because seven of its 11 councilors are in Medellín, Colombia. This meeting was marked by the “defective” internet connection, because the mayors who were in the Santa Cruz capital for a while did not listen to their peers who are outside the country.

Manuel ‘Mamen’ Saavedra, Councilor for Democrats, considered that the session was forced, due to the social pressure that there was after it came to light that the Council was left without a quorum due to the trip that more than half of the councilors made.

“It was a complicated session, with bad audio, it was impossible to debate like that, because the technical conditions were terrible for the first time in history. Despite this, I requested that the agenda be changed to deal with the Law of contracts and agreements, but eight councilors opposed it, seven of them are those who are in Colombia”, commented Saavedra.

The Democrat representative said that since the majority refused to discuss the law, in the first session only daily correspondence was read and in the second, the minutes that were drafted were approved.

For her part, Lola Terrazas, councilor for the Autonomous Community (CA), agreed with Saavedra by assuring that the session was planned at the last minute. “They notified us in the last hours that the regulation establishes, which says that it must be notified 24 hours in advance and just yesterday afternoon they summoned us to the councilors”, he explained.

In addition, he said that the connection of the Council session was “defective” and that at times a “screech” was heard in the audios of the councilors who were in Colombia, because apparently they were all gathered in the same room.

Terrazas, together with councilor José Quiroz, from the Movement for Socialism (MAS) were those who supported Saavedra’s request to deal with the Law of contracts and agreements. The only one of the mayors who met from the Santa Cruz capital who did not support the Democratic representative was Karina Orihuela, from CA.

The other seven councilors who they are abroad they opposed dealing with the law, They decided to suspend it until further notice and they were: Israel Alcócer, Miguel Fernández, Silvana Mucarzel and Gabriela Garzón from Unidad Cívica Solidaridad (UCS); José Alberti and Juan Carlos Medrano from CA; and Rosario Callejas from MAS.

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