The VAR unlocked River and angered Boca

The VAR unlocked River and angered Boca

What he imagined with him VAR is happening in Argentine soccer. Similar situations that are interpreted with different criteria trigger controversy. this time to River It helped him come back from a very complicated game, while Mouth he ended up mired in anger over a key unreviewed play.

River could not find the return to the game and lost 1-0 with banfieldfor a center that escaped Frank Armani and squeezed Jeremiah Perales. Until a ball fell in a corner of the area, Frank Quinteros he jumped to head, missed the goal and the ball hit him in the hand. acted on VAR and it all ended in an unusual penalty that Enzo Fernandez changed to draw.

In the end, even though he didn’t deserve it, River won 2-1 by a genius of Juanfer Quintero and an imposing resolution from Matias Suárez, but he also celebrated for that VAR wink. Marcelo Gallardo’s team did not have Julian Alvarezabsent at the last minute due to muscle discomfort he felt in the previous warm-up.

A while before, in the candy box, resonated a phrase: “Today the VAR harmed us”. he pronounced it Sebastian Battaglia in the analysis of his Boca’s 1-1 draw against Lanús. He chose that focus for an unreviewed hand by Ángel González near the epilogue.

At that moment, it seemed right that no time was wasted with that action on the Boca court. But after seeing what happened with River, it should have been sanctioned as a penalty. You didn’t have to charge either (the most sensible thing) or you had to charge both. The lack of a unified criterion also puts the VAR in check.

Beyond the controversies, again Mouth He did not achieve the operation that is so much demanded of him, although he began to win very early, and with some chance. It is the one that Sebastian Villa’s shot that made it 1-0 after 5 minutes deflected into Matías Pérez and dislodged the goalkeeper Fernando Montetti.

The game did not appear either when the juvenile entered later Aaron Molinas. Boca, in short, had a hard time asserting itself, so much so that after 30 minutes it almost did not kick a team that is last in Group B on goal. Lanus he found equality with a definition from the legendary José Sand and was even able to win it in the second stage with a shot from Matías Pérez that hit a post.

Beyond the VAR controversial, beyond River and Boca, the closing of the tenth date included other matches: Defense and Justice 1 – Atlético Tucumán 1, Godoy Cruz 0 – Vélez 0 and Argentinos 2 – Talleres 1.

Racing is the leader of Group A with 24 points, River follows with 22, Newell’s adds 19 and Defense has 18. Group B shows Students as the leader with 21, Tiger and Aldosivi They are escorts with 19 and Boca accumulates 17. Now a date is coming during the week, with more discussions?

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