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“The Valle River is destroying the houses”, protests in Bahía Solano, “since December like this”

Bahía Solano

The inhabitants of the township El Valle, in Bahía Solano, are desperate, the river “is threatening to take away homes,” and since December “they have promised works and nothing.”

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The inhabitants of the town of El Valle, in Bahía Solano (Chocó), are protesting against the breaches of the Department of Risk Management, because “they committed to a degradation of the river to prevent it from taking away the houses and so far no action has been taken.” made”.

The Valle river is affecting several houses and many have disappeared.

In recent months this problem has caused the loss of 100 homes. And right now, he threatens 20 more.

Due to this, the inhabitants have come out to protest in the Utría Natural Park, they fear that a misfortune could happen, if what was promised by risk management on December 26, 2022 is not fulfilled.

The promise…

The Risk Management Director’s commitment was to intervene in the flow of the Río Valle and Río Jella with mitigation activities, but 3 months have passed and they have not seen the movements.

It should be noted that the protection works that have been agreed seek to redirect the Valle River to its old channel, building a retaining wall, which prevents the destruction of more homes.

However, the winter season has further complicated the situation. The residents are at risk, and there are more than 300 inhabitants who are raising their voices with peaceful protests.

“We do not move from the park, until the dredge arrives and puts it in the river” It is the call of residents to the Risk Management department

if the protest does not bear fruit, residents would be willing to transfer their nonconformity to the Jose Celestino Mutis Airport in Bahía Solano.

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