The US will continue to support negotiations and electoral mechanisms in Venezuela

The head of mission of the United States Embassy (USA) for Venezuela, Francisco Palmieri, published a video in which he promised to “work to end the humanitarian crisis” that the country is experiencing and assured that the Joe Biden administration continues to support “negotiations” and “electoral mechanisms that promote free and fair elections”

Francisco Palmieri, head of mission of the United States Embassy for Venezuela, assured that the North American country will continue to support Venezuela, so that it emerges from the humanitarian crisis in which it finds itself, as well as the negotiations in Mexico, and the electoral mechanisms. .

“I want to work with all Venezuelans to end the humanitarian crisis they are experiencing. The best way to achieve success is through the hard work of negotiations,” he said. palmieri in a video released by the US embassy for Venezuela on their social networks.

He added that “the United States continues to support the Venezuelan people, supporting the negotiations, as well as the electoral mechanisms that promote free and fair elections.”

USA and Francisco Palmieri

He Department of State of the United States (USA) made official on May 19 the appointment of Francisco Palmieri as head of mission of the External Office of that country for Venezuela and continues to be charge d’affaires of his nation in Colombia.

Palmieri has almost 40 years of experience in the diplomatic service and in mid-June 2022 he was appointed ambassador to Colombia on the eve of the change at the Palacio de Nariño.

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