EE.UU seguirá con vuelos de deportación acelereda.

The US will continue to expel illegal aliens from its territory even after the end of “title 42”

Foreigners who have entered US territory irregularly and are not under any regularization process will continue to be expelled from the US even after the application of “Title 42” ends on May 11, authorities announced this Friday. National Security of that country.

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) indicated that they will continue to dispatch “removal flights” of illegal aliens every week, even when Title 42 ceases to be applied, according to what was published by the media. communication The Voice of America, citing official sources.

According to the information published by that outlet, a DHS official said in Texas that expedited removal or deportation flights “will continue to occur under Title 8.” In addition, he specified that the number of flights with migrants “will depend on the demand” existing after May 11.

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Blas Nuñez Neto, DHS acting undersecretary for immigration and border policy, had already warned, days before, that illegal immigrants “will be placed in an accelerated repatriation process and will be ineligible for asylum if they did not participate in these legal programs.” that we are offering.”

The regularization processes that migrants had to undergo in order not to run the risk of deportation are the refuge, family reunification, and humanitarian parole programs, which cover citizens of Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.

Coinciding with these statements and with a visit made by the DHS Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, to the Rio Grande Valley sector, with the objective of observing the preparations for the end of Title 42, a deportation flight of 133 Guatemalans was registered ( 88 men and 45 women) sent to their native country from Texas, a state from which deportation flights to Latin America, mainly Central America, are recorded every week.

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According to data published by the digital magazine Confidencial, some 328,000 Nicaraguans left the country in 2022. That same year, some 181,566 Nicaraguans were detained at the US borders, according to data from the US Customs and Border Protection Office. United States (CBP).

Allocate funds for communities that receive immigrants

The DHS has also announced that US authorities are allocating $332.5 million to 35 local governments and organizations “to assist communities receiving non-citizens released from custody while awaiting the outcome of their immigration proceedings.” .

That money will be delivered through the Emergency Housing and Shelter Program administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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