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The US warns that it will continue to expel migrants even if Title 42 is lifted

The US warns that it will continue to expel migrants even if Title 42 is lifted


Newspaper La Jornada
Thursday December 15, 2022, p. 13

Washington. The Joe Biden government reiterated that it will expel migrants who cross the border with Mexico without authorization if they lack a legal basis to stay in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reported yesterday.

The US authorities block most families and adults at the border, invoking an anti-covid health rule inherited from the time of former Republican President Donald Trump and known as Title 42.

But a judge ruled that it is used arbitrary and capricious and will cease to apply as of December 21, after granting the government five weeks, as requested, in order to prepare for the end of the restriction.

I want to be clear on this: Title 42 or not, people who cannot establish a legal basis to remain in the United States will be removed.affirms the secretary of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas.

Title 42 remains in effect until December 20, 2022, and until then, DHS will continue to remove single adults and families who are intercepted at the Southwest border under this authorityit states.

As the deadline approaches, the number of migrants trying to cross the border skyrockets. The authorities intercepted an average of 2 thousand 460 daily in three days, mainly in central El Paso, Peter Jaquez, the acting chief of the Border Patrol, tweeted Monday. On the other side of the border, hundreds of migrants are also waiting their turn to request asylum. We know that smugglers will spread misinformation to take advantage of vulnerable migrantssays Mayorkas.

The reality, according to Mayorkas, is that as soon as Title 42 is no longer in force, DHS process people apprehended at the border who do not have proper travel documents under Title 8, which has been in effect for decades. East foresees significant consequenceshe warns. He cites the five-year ban on re-entry of people who are expelled and expedited expulsion processes, which allow for quick repatriation. Mayorkas repeated that the US immigration system is out of phase Y is under pressure.

Meanwhile, Congress is in full swing to speed up the last days before the House of Representatives and the Senate take office in January after the legislative elections in November.

In those elections, Biden’s Democrats lost control of the lower house, but retained the upper house.

Two senators, Kyrsten Sinema (until a few days ago a Democrat and now an independent) and Thom Tillis (Republican) are negotiating a draft on an immigration framework, but for the moment it has not materialized.

Several Democratic and Republican congressmen have asked Biden to extend the application of Title 42. The government itself appealed the order to lift this restriction, although it promises to meet the deadline.

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