The US warns airlines and travel agencies not to get involved in illegal migrant smuggling

The US warns airlines and travel agencies not to get involved in illegal migrant smuggling

The US Departments of State, Homeland Security and Treasury launched an “alert” and warning to airlines, charter operators and travel agents in the region to recognize and identify the ways in which Migrant smuggling and human trafficking networks are taking advantage of these services to facilitate irregular migration, and do not get involved in it because there will be sanctions and even civil and criminal accusations.

In a statement, published on the official website of the Department of Homeland Security, the US Government points out that the “exploitation” of airlines and charter companies by migrant smuggling and human trafficking networks “exposes migrants, airlines, charter operators, travel agents and service providers to increased security, economic, reputational, financial, logistical and legal risks.

Likewise, the US authorities particularly and directly identify “the actions of the Nicaraguan government”, which are “a cause for serious concern” because the dictators Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo “have implemented permissive immigration policies, which have created opportunities for migrant smuggling networks to exploit migrants for economic gain and encourage dangerous and irregular journeys to the southwestern border of the United States.

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The US National Security document clearly denounces that “migrants cross the region using Managua as a disembarkation point to continue the journey north, by land,” and warns that the authorities of that country have already shared “discloseable intelligence » with the regional aviation sector to apply careful policies regarding flights in and out of Managua.

Report traffickers

In this sense, they recommend that the air transport industry monitor the high-risk routes that migrants and migrant smuggling or human trafficking networks are known to use so that they do not become involved in it and informs them that “States “United States is closely monitoring this issue and can provide relevant information to support airlines’ efforts.”

The US warns airlines and travel agencies not to get involved in illegal migrant smugglingThe US warns airlines and travel agencies not to get involved in illegal migrant smuggling
Nicaragua has served as a springboard used by human trafficking networks to bring migrants to US borders.

Likewise, it recommends that they “report companies that raise concerns.” The US recalls that “industry participants can report activity, including information about travel agencies known or suspected of engaging in activities that support irregular migration and migrant smuggling or trafficking networks.” human trafficking. Reports can be made to your US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) liaisons, relevant law enforcement and civil aviation authorities.

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Another recommendation made by northern authorities is that airlines can reduce risk by carrying out due “diligence” to protect against exploitation of services. That means “be careful when dealing with intermediary companies (for example, travel agents or brokers) that hide their ownership or engage in unusually opaque practices. Doing so can help mitigate deceptive practices that create risks.”

Likewise, they suggest transmitting Advance Passenger Information (API) at least 24 hours before scheduled takeoff.

Civil and criminal sanctions and charges

Finally, the US government warns that it will take a series of actions, including the investigation and judicial process of cases of migrant smuggling and human trafficking through collaboration with foreign governments and the aviation industry, and “will present criminal charges against migrant smugglers and their fellow conspirators.

Likewise, they announce that they will continue to sanction transnational criminal organizations through the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury, which will continue to impose sanctions on these migrant smuggling organizations, « their facilitators and their support networks.

«The sanctions are applied broadly and carry serious consequences. “OFAC regulations generally prohibit all transactions by US persons with or within the United States that involve property or interests in property of any individual or entity that is sanctioned,” recalls the alert issued.

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