The US sees it unlikely that Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela will be invited to the Summit of the Americas

The US sees it unlikely that Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela will be invited to the Summit of the Americas

The United States has not yet sent out formal invitations to attend the Summit of the Americas in June, but stressed that “all the democracies” in the region will be included, so it is “unlikely” that Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela will be part of it.

This was stated by the US Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Brian A. Nichols, in a conference call with a small group of journalists to comment on the regional meeting that will take place from June 6 to 10 in Los Angeles (California).

“The White House will invite all democratic governments in the region to the summit,” Nichols said, noting that formal invitations had not yet been sent. However, he acknowledged that it is “unlikely” that Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua will be among the guests.

Regarding Venezuela, Nichols stressed that the US does not consider Maduro “a democratic ruler”, but avoided specifying whether it will invite the opposition Juan Guaidó, whom Washington still recognizes as interim president of the country.

Nichols limited himself to pointing out that the US government has “great respect” for Guaidó’s internal government.

Under the theme “Building a sustainable, resilient and equitable future”, the summit will focus on the growing migratory flows in the region, but will also address the climate crisis, the transition to clean energy and equitable economic growth and the role of society civilian and independent media, according to the White House.

The IX Summit of the Americas will be the second organized by the United States after the original edition in Miami in 1994.

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