The US reiterates decertification of Venezuela and Bolivia in the fight against drugs

The US reiterates decertification of Venezuela and Bolivia in the fight against drugs

President Joe Biden ratified Venezuela and Bolivia as transit countries and producers of drugs to the United States. The notification is known at the time that the Biden government questions the role of Venezuela in possible peace talks with the ELN.

BIden issued a memorandum to Department of State identifying 22 nations as the main countries of transition and production of illicit drugs, among them Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Mexico.

In the letter, Biden notified the decertification of Venezuela, Bolivia, as well as Afghanistan and Burma “for failing to make substantial efforts over the past 12 months to both comply with its obligations under international anti-narcotics agreements.”

This designation raises the concerns of the Biden administration and US congressmen in the effectiveness of the assignment of President Gustavo Petro of Venezuela as a guarantor country of the peace agreements with the ELN.

Democratic Senator Bob Menedez, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee assured that “it is unfortunate that President Petro is giving a hug to those who are currently violating human rights, I don’t think he wants for Colombia what Venezuelans are suffering.”

Senator Marco Rubio assured that the proposal to assign Venezuela as a guarantor country in possible peace agreements with the ELN could endanger the relationship and cooperation between United States and Colombia.

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