The US on Lula and the “narrative” against Maduro: “Things are as they are”

Juan González, advisor to the White House, made a clarification to President Lula Da Silva by telling him that “we have to identify things as they are”, this in response to the words of the Brazilian president last Monday where he stated that authoritarianism in the country is a “narrative built” by political adversaries and that his counterpart has to deconstruct

The White House advisor for Latin America, Juan González, criticized on Thursday, June 1, the statements made in recent days by the president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva, who affirmed that a “narrative” has been built about the weakening of democracy in Venezuela.

González, during the first day of the 26th CAF Annual Conferencestated that “we can have a debate on sanctions policies, on how to promote dialogue, but we have to identify things as they are.”

In this sense, he celebrated the “courage” of the presidents of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, and of Chile, Gabriel Boric, for refuting the perspective of the Brazilian leader at the summit of presidents called by Lula in recent days.

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For González, the positions of The street and Boric what they did was remind “the entire hemisphere that there are certain principles for which many in the region have died to defend.”

He explained that there are strong disagreements or disagreements with Brazil, areas of understanding such as climate change are sought. He added that the population of Latin America is more akin to the US than that of Europe and therefore, look for something to further energize relations.

On Venezuela, Juan González reiterated that the sanctions strategy does not work and “another route” is being sought. He said that one of them is to help seek democratic paths and not interfere in internal issues of the country. He is aware that it is not something that registers in the short term, but that it takes time.

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He explained that, despite the incentive to seek democratic solutions, the judiciary acts independently and that is why actions such as the case of the Emtrasur plane are evident.

The presidents of Venezuela and Brazil, Nicolás Maduro and Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva, offered a joint press conference on monday may 29 where the Brazilian president assured that authoritarianism in the country is a “narrative built” by political adversaries and that his counterpart has to deconstruct.

He described it as “incredible and inexplicable” that Venezuela is subject to “more than 900 sanctions just because another country dislikes it,” in reference to the sanctions imposed by the United States and that includes personal measures against officials of the Maduro administration for violation of the human rights of the population, money laundering and drug trafficking.

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