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The US issued 20,000 visas for Cuban immigrants in fiscal year 2022

MIAMI, United States. — The United States government complied with the delivery of 20,000 immigrant visas in the recently completed fiscal year 2022, the digital portal reported today CyberCuba.

According to that media, at the end of August the State Department’s Office of Consular Affairs counted 19,743 visas for Cuban applicants, a figure that rose to 20,000 at the end of September.

The fact was confirmed to CyberCuba by a senior official from the State Department itself.

“Preliminary data for September indicates that we issued more than 250 immigrant visas to Cuban nationals at the embassies in Havana and Georgetown,” the source said.

Until last August, of the total immigrant visas issued, 7,211 had been granted to spouses and children of permanent residents (FX), 5,937 to parents claimed by US citizens (IR-5) and 4,834 to spouses and children of US citizens (IR-1 / IR-2).

This is the first time since 2017 that the United States government complies with the commitment of 20,000 annual visas with Cuba, established in the migration agreements that followed the 1994 rafters crisis.

Although the progressive expansion of the US Embassy in Havana points to stability in the annual delivery of the 20,000 immigrant visas, during the past fiscal year the majority of visas were processed at the US diplomatic headquarters. in Georgetown, Guiana.

During 2022, the exodus of Cuban nationals to the United States has skyrocketed, a fact that has forced Washington to take sides in the migration crisis.

Since October 2021, almost 20,000 Cubans have arrived in the US through that country’s border with Mexico. Several thousand have also reached US territory by sea, although most of these have been returned to the island by the Coast Guard.

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