The US has not yet defined whether it will invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to the Summit

The US has not yet defined whether it will invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to the Summit

officials of the White House and the State Department reported that it has not yet been taken a final decision on whether to invite Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba to the Summit of the Americas.

Less than a week from start the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles (California). President Joe Biden’s top adviser for Latin AmericaJuan González, reported that a final decision has not been made on whether officials from the governments of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua will or will not be invited to the meeting.

We are not so focused on who or do not invitebut in the results that we can achieve during the Summit (…) We are having some final considerations and as soon as the White House decides on the invitations we will be reportingJuan Gonzalez said.

These comments come despite the fact that in recent days White House officials had confirmed that they will not invite authoritarian regimes to a Summit whose main objective is to talk about democracy.

Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs at the Department of StateBrian Nichols, stated that another objective of the United States in the event is close a regional pact on migration between the presidents of the sending, receiving and transition countries of foreigners.

“This declaration will allow us to promote and help communities that host migrants and that migrants have access to legal documentation, public services, promote pathways for legal and organized migration and promote human migrationthose are the things we’re focusing on,” Nichols said.

Other issues will also be addressed, such as the economy, the climate crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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