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May 25, 2023
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The US denies that Castro’s repressors have entered the country with humanitarian parole

Cubanos, Parole humanitario

MIAMI, United States. — The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office assured that the humanitarian parole program launched by Washington in January 2023 “is open to any Cuban citizen” and that the system is designed so that people with “problems in their history” do not enter the northern country.

Blas Núñez Beto, director of operations of that federal agency, said this Thursday at a press conference that any citizen who is claimed through the program must pass a strong background check.

“The humanitarian parole process is open to any Cuban citizen. Obviously, any citizen who uses the process has to go through a strong review of our national security and public safety system,” the official said.

questioned by CubaNet Regarding reports confirming the entry into the US through this route of citizens with a repressive history at the service of the Cuban regime, Núñez explained that “if there are individuals who have problems in their history and who require investigation, they could not enter through the process.”

The official confirmed that from January 5 to date, the United States has received 1.5 million sponsorship requests for citizens of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, and that the number of migrants trying to reach the United States illegally has drastically decreased with the humanitarian parole program.

In the case of Cuba, there have been 29,000 citizens of the Island who have received authorization to travel to the US through this mechanism.

Núñez also said that the US authorities are complying with what is established in the Title 8through which immigrants who enter the US illegally can be arrested and deported expeditiously.

“There are many improvements and progress in recent months to deal with the problems we are having at our borders,” he pointed out.

Although the humanitarian parole program has allowed thousands of people to enter the United States in a safe, legal, and orderly manner, Cubans inside and outside the island have warned about the use of this benefit by people with a repressive history of Castroism service.

In March of this year, CubaNet presented the case of Eduardo Velazquez Infanteknown by the opponents of Puerto Padre (Las Tunas) as “Major Eduardo”, who was an active official of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and also served as an active operational officer of State Security and of Border Guard Troops for almost three decades.

This newspaper confirmed through various sources that Velázquez Infante entered the United States with humanitarian parole on a date after March 20, 2023. He did so through the Miami International Airport and from there he took another flight to a west coast state. from the country.

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