The US Border Patrol takes 256 Cuban rafters into custody in two days

The US Border Patrol takes 256 Cuban rafters into custody in two days

The Border Patrol took into custody this Tuesday 150 Cuban rafters who managed to disembark in the United States. According to the chief officer of the Miami sector, Walter Slosar, these people are the ones who in the last two days managed to “make landfall on remote islands outside the Florida Keys.”

Slosar shared a video on his social networks in which island nationals are seen being taken to immigration stations where they are given the opportunity to demonstrate “credible fear.” If they convince the judge, they can post a bond and apply for asylum. In the best of cases, they are released and given a document that legalizes their entry into the country.

On the morning of this Tuesday, a raft arrived with the legends homeland and life Y Okay Smathers Beach, located south of Key West. The agents found 21 migrants from Havana. “The investigation is ongoing,” Slosar warned.

The user identified as Yandy Katie shared on his Facebook account the video of another arrival of a boat, also with 21 nationals of the Island, including three women and 18 men, who after touching land ran away: “Calm down, it’s already are here,” one of the witnesses is heard saying.

The exodus of rafters continues to increase this month. On Monday, Slosar documented that another 85 rafters, including 10 minors, were taken into custody after disembarking at various points in Florida last weekend.

These arrivals of rafters were announced on the same day that the Governments of Cuba and the United States held a second meeting to address the immigration issue in Havana. According to a statement from the US embassy on the island, “problems that have been obstacles to meeting the objectives of the Agreements” were identified.

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard repatriated this Monday 91 Cubans aboard the ship Richard Etheridge. District Seven lieutenant E’bria Karega urged the rafters to “reconsider their decision before putting to sea, as it is very dangerous at times.”

Since October 1, Coast Guard crews they intercepted 1,920 Cubans. Through its social networks, the institution pointed out that last Monday they prevented another three rafts from continuing their journey to Florida.

According to official figures, so far this November, 318 Cubans have been repatriated in five groups. The Seventh District non-commissioned officer, Nicole Groll, specified that eight migrants have died this month in their attempt to reach the United States illegally.


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